How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

A Lot Of People Are More So Filled With Strange Puffy Fluid Tissue Instead Of Only Body Fat Which Makes That Big Puffy…

A Lot Of People Are  Filled With Puffy Fluid Tissue Instead Of Only Body Fat Which Makes That Big Puffy, Swollen Blowfish Look That Has Become Quite Rampant at Least to the Point of this Typing.  What Is this Nasty Stuff??

I don’t know how old you are.  But if you’ve been around a while you’ve probably noticed that moder “body fat” doesn’t look the same as “old school” body fat. 

Modern excess body size can tend to look really swollen and liquidy.  It’s quite gross.  I’m mean in many cases, this stuff doesn’t even feel like fat.  It feels more liquidy, watery.  Unfortunately, according to various healhth experts, this liquidy stuff is a bad sign and conscidered dangerous to have, symptomatic of other problems to come.  

We wanted a diet that could help deal with that bettter.  Actually we wanted a diet, what we call an “Eating System” to help us with this strange liquidy stuff and that thick, other dangerous type of fat called “Visceral fat” the fat that goes around the organs.  More on both of these types of body fat, body size increasing tissue later. 


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