When Diets are Too Hard

But in Order for a Diet to Be Successful it Must Be Doable and Psychologically Friendly, or What Happens?  That’s Right.

But in Order for a Diet to Be Successful it Must Be Doable and Psychologically Friendly, or What Happens?  That’s Right.  The Average Person will Quit – We Fixed that Problem in the Velocity LEAN Diet.

Diet psychology and physical body feelings on a diet are critical to coordinate for success. 

Most people miss the mark on this one which is why they perpetually struggle with dieting and weight loss. 

Your diets have to work with your general life schedule or it’s just not going to work out well.   And I’m going to assume that you’re not a fitness professional who can hang out at the gym and cook all day.   And you need a diet that not only gets the job done but also is easy do and doesn’t take a bunch of time cooking. 

You see that’s a problem in the fitness industry. Whereas, you have fitness professionals as personal trainers who are trying to teach their clients the way THEY go about doing in their exercise and dieting.   Yet eating and working out is essentially their job.  It’s their full time job!  Their day revolves around eating and working out. They have tons of time to workout and diet whereas the average individual has very little time to workout,  with a job and family and so on.   

These personal trainers, fitness professionals, usually don’t make the differentiation between their lifestyle and other people’s lifestyle. So they will just teach you what they know which is to eat 6 meals plus a day, spend tons of time cooking and workout for a net 2 to 3 hours a day (or more!). 

They assume that you want to become just like them and that you’re going to have most of your day to cook, eat 6 to 8 times a day and workout for several hours. 

By the time it takes to prepare for the gym workout, come back, clean off, recuperate and hopefully have enough energy to do other things most of your day would be gone.  Sorry.  But that’s not going to work for most people.   

Most people need a more efficient way of becoming lean and toned that won’t take up much of their time and that won’t burn them out.   

So, would you be interested in a diet that can save you a ton of time in doing, shopping and cooking?   

Would you be interested in a way of eating that would likely bring you far more weight loss with far less time and effort than the traditional “gym life” way of losing weight?  

Do you wish you had a diet where you could just do the diet without even having to exercise?   

If so,  you’ll want to get to know this Velocity LEAN Diet!

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