It Takes Practice to Get Good at Dieting

Did You Know That It Takes Several Repetitions Of A Diet To Do a Diet Really Well?

Did You Know That It Takes Several Repetitions Of A Diet To Do a Diet Really Well?

And by knowing this, you’ll now know a secret key to why some people get and stay lean so easily while others struggle over and over. 

And that key difference is that the successful people simply became good at doing a good diet through repetition!     

So you are free now to “do a bad job” with the diet the first time!  You can learn a diet mentally and experimentally fast when you “hack away” by diving into a diet without procrastination.  You’ll learn fast. 

You’ll start to see the difference between the old ways and the new.  And mostly, you won’t stress yourself out mentally, emotionally and physically while trying to “do it perfectly” the first time.   

Yes. You definitely want to keep diets in the fun zone and try to not let the dieting experience go into the stress and misery zone.  Why? 

Because your subconscious will take over and sabotage your diet efforts. You’ll quit early and go back to the old ways that made you fatter, sometimes, with a vengeance, yoyoing the other way hard. 

Professional bodybuilders and models know this maybe you do as well, but I just wanted to point that out. 

Inch by inch – it’s a cinch. By the 3rd time through a good diet usually we get the best results too.   It’s true and not just a saying.  Ask any professional body builder who has to strip down to 4% body fat for a show; they will tell you the first time was hard, then it became easier and easier. 

So don’t worry just try! Get started.  Make a mess of the diet the first time, you’ll learn faster that way anyways. 

Unfortunately many people come just short of lean body success because they don’t understand the principle of “getting good at a diet”. And they assume that they are doing a diet correctly when they’re only doing a part of the diet correctly, while making many mistakes.

So if you truly need and want to get lean and toned then it’s important that you learn The Velocity LEAN Diet well because it’s a powerful tool that can help you burn fat on command!

Use Velocity LEAN to rapidly accelerate your fat burning ability so you can get that lean and toned body more quickly. And we speak from over three decades in fitness and health, personal training and bodybuilding.

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