How We Stumbled Upon A Secret Of The Human Body That Triggers Rapid Weight Loss

Through the development of the Velocity LEAN Diet we did a lot of extra research that triggered new creative ideas in us.  We gained new insight into  how the body works and new ideas of what we can do for different techniques in order to get the body to work in a way we want it to work more quickly and easily plus all naturally.

We also wanted to find out how to trigger the body to fix a problem and regenerate into a more healthy form.

Change the Body Climate

A lot of people are having health problems these days because they continually and chronically produce a bad climate in their body which then creates problems. So for example if physical, metal machinery needs to operate indoors with clean air and low humidity but that machinery is exposed chronically to dirty dusty air and high humidity that machinery will probably start falling apart and malfunctioning.

Well guess what? When your body does not have  the proper climate on your insides, the proper environment, it’s going to have problems and it will not be operating at peak efficiency. Some of these problems can cause clogs and backups to the point where things start to break down and the body’s “internal gears” get jammed up.

So by back engineering the process of how the body gets fat and sick with many of these popular modern diseases in the first place we discovered many very interesting things! And firstly our Velocity LEAN Diet targets many of those things and if you haven’t learned this diet you may want to do so because it’s extremely valuable. So as we were doing more research we stumbled upon some new concepts that can be used in combination with the Velocity LEAN Diet for helping accelerate the whole weight loss process and thereby potentially making it much easier and much more effective.

Our goal is to discover new ways to create  more “optimal climates” for so body can operate most efficiently. We wanted our body to be able to run it high-efficiency and be able to regenerate with clean healthy vibrant cells so we could be: healthy, energetic, more full of life,  better looking, younger looking, with high agility, with lots of strength and power and speed…

So We Made a Protocol and Then Super Charged it, Naturally of Course:

Yes a family member came down with a most hideous problem. And we saw the process that led up to the problem we discovered clues on how to back engineer or inverse that problem.

And one of the protocols we came up with for helping this family member was designed for helping accelerate the opening up of the “eliminative interstitial channels” within the body which also happens to coordinate with opening up the pathways for eliminating excess body fat, general body puffery and swolleness. This new protocol technique has been placed into this new Velocity LEAN PROTOCOL!  

And this is included as a BONUS to our core Velocity LEAN Protocol supplements protocol. 

This supplement protocol has been tweaked with our new knowledge and understanding on how to more rapidly lose weight and more easily lose weight while eliminating puffiness and excess body fat to make the whole process of becoming lean and toned much more easy, much more fast and much more enjoyable.  Enjoy the knowledge and understanding we provide from our over 3 decades of testing and research from our experience derived the natural, medical and bodybuilding worlds. 

Now I can’t tell you what to do or suggest to you to do this protocol. You’re going to need the permission and clearance of your own individual, knowledgeable and trusted healthcare professional, of course. But what you can do is learn the information in this course because it’s extremely valuable and can provide you the clues to help you, with your own plan or even use this plan, to start making your own breakthroughs in obtaining the lean and toned body goals that you want.

If you have the “Need for Speed” then Get this Protocol!

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