Better than Keto Diet

Is It True That We Should Only Be On The Keto Diet For Short Periods Of Time?

The Keto Diet Has Its Benefits But…

The Velocity LEAN Diet  is not the keto diet!   In our opinion the Velocity LEAN Diet is a far superior and more advanced diet  which can also be used as a long-term solution or at least the foods that we eat on a diet can be used as a long-term solution.   

The keto diet is not a long-term solution in our opinion. It can deprive you of critical nutrients while shriveling up the health of your body diminishing the ability for your body to repair itself.  Without insulin storing important nutrients into muscles and other cells in the body you’re going to have problems in being able to repair muscle tissue and likely other tissue.   If nutrients are being restricted from entering cells, aminos, glucose, fatty acids plus more then you’re cells are going to struggle to keep up, from our experience with the keto or other low carb diets.  

On that note, the Keto diet, depending how to  do it, is simply the same old rehashed gimick of low carb dieting or the “Atkins Diet.” It’s just called “keto” because of part of the process that can happen called “ketosis”.  That is not new.  That is not special.  It provides quick gains in weight loss but at what cost?  Oh you mean there’s a cost?….

Experienced Bodybuilders avoid the keto diet like a like the plague,  for example unless for a very short period of time.  And they don’t do keto for fat burning but for water weight riddance.  They know better.  I’ve seen an newbie Mr. Olympia competitor, a first time competitor, out of the blue, decide to go keto, low carb to burn fat, to try and short cut the process.  He ended up looking more like a runner than a body builder by the time he was finished.  

The Keto diet can end up shrinking up your muscles and inhibiting rapid repair and recuperation. And if this is happening to your muscles what else is it doing to the rest of your body? Also if you’re muscles are not repairing their become more vulnerable to injury.  The keto diet can be a short-term fix but is not a long-term solution in our opinion.

On the other hand, the Velocity LEAN Diet can feed the body and muscles much better for that matter.  It provides a wide array of higher quality nutrients and a super “nutrient dosing” approach using “food as medicine” of sorts for the sake of intentionally and specifically boosting nutrient uptake from powerful, natural foods. 

The approach we take in the Velocity LEAN Diet is associated with a spectrum of health benefits and of course, weight loss as you can see from the research links below.

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