Starvation Diets Don't Work

Most Overweight People in Modern Times Are Actually Starving, as Wild as That Sounds…

Most Overweight People in Modern Times Are Actually Starving, as Wild as That Sounds…

Most people who are struggling with body weight are actually nutrient deprived, starving and are needing many essential nutrients that are they are not getting from foods.  Successful health care professionals that know how to heal people know this.   

In common sense thinking, if your body needs certain nutrients and your average diet is not providing those  nutrients  then you have malfunctioned in the body. Malfunction encourages body weight issues in addition to health issues which are correlated.  Or if your average diet has very low amounts of a certain nutrient that your body is looking for, then your body is simply going to encourage you to eat more of that same thing.

And most people are not well educated by knowledgeable sources on what the body needs nutrient wise. They don’t know the best foods to use in order to get those nutrients.

They are eating fake foods, processed foods, processed foods made with nutrients already ‘refined’ out of them all with foods grown in mineral depleted soils filled with poisonous pesticides. 

And they have to keep eating. They need the nutrients. They will keep eating the same foods just to get the scraps of nutrients that are in those crappy foods.  So they keep eating and eating, eating more but running further behind nutrient wise. But in the mean time, they are getting fatter and fatter, more swollen and more swollen.

They only know or only are willing to know certain foods.  I remember thinking ‘I would die if I ate a dry fig’ at one point because they ‘looked scary’.  Pretty childish but when it comes to food, a lot of people’s ‘inner child’ dictates what they eat and what they are willing to try.  

Yes most people think they can eat whatever they want and that they will be fine just as long as they have a sensation of feeling full and satisfied. That’s not necessarily the case at all. You can feel full and satisfied emotionally while you’re physical body is crying out starving for particular nutrients that it needs. Most people don’t know how to listen to their physical body anymore but are dictated by other influences that move them into eating food that make them fat and sick.

On the other hand I’m not trying to say that being starved and malnourished is good either but in these modern times, people are overweight, excessively fat or even morbidly obese while their physical bodies are starving at the same time. And that is wild! That’s what we’ve ended up allowing ourselves to experience in these modern times but it’s time to put our foot down and change these things.

 How do we change things?

  1. Well we first get educated which you will do so in this Velocity LEAN Diet.   
  2. Then you get “re-cultured”  so now your cravings will change and you’ll finally start to realize that a lot of the foods that you’ve been eating in the past are actually disgusting and very toxic to your health and your overall lean and toned, attractive body ambitions.   
  3. On top of that you can have a lot of junk and bad stuff cleaned out of you through this diet especially through multiple repetitions of the 2-week cycle. 
  4. You can then start voting with your wallet and then you can also influence and encourage others.  Get them on the Velocity LEAN Diet and start to see people change.  This change can not only save lives but the planet as well.

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