Autophagy Burn Fat

One Secret To The Success Of The The Velocity LEAN Diet Is the Autophagy Maximization Method

One Secret To The Success Of The The Velocity LEAN Diet Is That It Is Able To Hit Peak Autophagy Time Windows Within This Cycle Allowing You To Maximize The Body’s Process Of Tearing Up Junk Tissue and Excess Body Fat While Helping Cleanse Out The Fat Elimination Channels So Body Fat Can More Quickly Liberated from Our Bodies!

The Velocity LEAN Diet also focuses on becoming very good at maximizing autophagy so we can maximize the autophagy sweet spot to really get that junk tissue and excess body fat cleansed out of the body, especially in the tough to reach areas.

The trick was to maximize the peak autophagy phases while being able to handle and with out slowing down the metabolism.  We feel we have successfully accomplished this with the Velocity LEAN Diet. 

As the body goes through this Velocity LEAN Diet cycle more and more, then more channels of elimination, interstitially open up and it becomes more and more easy to actually lose weight so we can lose weight faster. We can lose weight faster as we progress in doing the diet more and as we get our insides cleaned out more and more.  So the more we do the Velocity LEAN Diet the faster we can become at burning fat into the future. 


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