The Philosophy Of The Velocity Lean Diet

Burn & Heal

The philosophy of the Velocity Lean Diet is to cleanse out the body using a special trigger of the body’s own powerful cleansing mechanisms that go into overdrive to auto clean the body.

You know how an oven has an auto cleaning process where you just put the oven to clean mode and torches out the junk that’s been stuck in case on the oven throughout? Well your body has a process that can be turned on to do near miraculous level cleaning, and all automatically.

This cleaning opens up the pathways for the body to operate better on the inside.

You know when the machine gets its gears clogged up with gooey dirt and dust? Well your body can have a similar cleaning out of the insides then when your body is clogged up.

And then when things start getting backed up, when your “inner gears” to your body’s machine start getting gooed up you then start having problems and you start not being able to process out excess body fat and body weight in general as well.

You see a more swollen look in modern times due to toxic backup of things in the body.

There a lot of toxins that the body doesn’t know what to do with plus these toxins get stuck in your body’s channels for elimination which get clogged up largely due to ones diet.

Modern times have caused a lot of problems for sure, hideous ones.  But human habits in different cultures have drifted over time and these habits cause problems. 

Well we’ve experienced our own levels of the “goo in the gears” and we’ve noticed that it became more difficult to eliminate excess body fat vs. the past. We also noticed that belly fat for example became more thick and tough to get rid of.  And because habits were actually changed that led us to those states of swolleness and tough to vanquish fat, we knew that what we changed was likely at the root(s) of the problem, and eventually we found that to be true. 

So by targeting the root causes of these modern body fat struggles we were able to solve those problems caused by our habits, habits that popular health and fitness would call “healthy” or “ok”. And we put many of those secrets into the Velocity LEAN Diet.

Yet helping the body clean out on the insides, helping the body clean out its internal gears is one thing. But on the other side we have to provide the nutrients that heal the body and allow body functioning to be optimal while having those nutrients help us to stop getting fatter and then start removing excess body fat on top of that.  So we want our food choices to better feed the body, to make us feel better in general, to make us more genuinely healthy and then to go to work helping us automatically lose weight, the weight we don’t want.

So by combining the concepts of identifying the bad, identifying the good, replacing the bad with the good,  cleanse out of the bad, removing the inner blockages and then while nutrifying all combined with the power of  our Velocity Lean Diet Intensity Engagement Matrix we have been able to combine several different valuable factors into one into a pretty easy to do and highly time efficient diet.

You will most certainly want to learn and master this Velocity LEAN Diet as a powerful weapon against excess bodyfat that you can use on command, whenever you want, to get rid of excess weight and become lean and toned. 

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