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The Velocity Lean Diet Is a Fun And Challenging Diet That Keeps You “On Your Toes” And Keeps Your Physical Body “On Its Toes” So It Doesn’t Hit Plateaus As Most Diets Do.

The Velocity Lean Diet Is a Fun And Challenging Diet That Keeps You “On Your Toes” And Keeps Your Physical Body “On Its Toes” So It Doesn’t Hit Plateaus As Most Diets Do.

We are all too familiar with the dieting plateau.

The dieting plateau is the worst because not only are we putting forth effort into dieting but our efforts are bringing back less results. And so we have to work harder for less results. That’s just no fun!

We like being more efficient here at velocity burn with this Velocity LEAN Diet, and the VelocityBURN.com website. Efficiency is our focus here, high efficiency, as we’ve talked about quite a bit.

And so we want to keep our body on its toes, which means that we don’t want the body to get used to a diet. We don’t want the body to plateau, and we don’t want the metabolism slowed down.

Yes, that’s the other terrible part about most diets is that they slow down your metabolism to a point where you have to eat less and less and then your body gets starved more and more.

And then what happens is that when you finish the diet, you tend to eat a lot right when you get out of the diet. Because your body’s starving of nutrients on those lesser diets. And then you start to eat a lot more than usual.

And just even if you ate at a normal pace that food tends to pack onto your body as body fat because why because you slowed your metabolism down from a plateauing out by using a traditional, not so smart diet.

Well here with the Velocity LEAN Diet you get a very smart diet. It uses the latest and greatest in psychological and physiological technology which we created from our in depth, experience and testing, over the years, the velocity lean diet uses a principle, based on the Velocity BURN System, which uses the intensity engagement matrix. And we use that matrix, in combination with eating for fantastic results.

It was an idea that popped into our heads one day to cross apply the intensity engagement matrix that we invented, and then use that in the dieting process with a particular type of diet that we use here with the Velocity LEAN Diet so not only do we have the cycling intensity engagement of the dieting.

We have a foods group, and a no eat group of foods and substances that we use that help us really keep ourselves in a great position for great health to take in a lot of good natural form nutrients and to also help accelerate the weight loss process in a very efficient way.

When professional bodybuilders enter their fat burning cycle to absolutely strip off any visible sign of body fat they can’t mess around. And they usually do different forms of change ups in their diet so their body’s don’t get too used to the same thing over and over.

I’m not saying Velocity LEAN Diet is a bodybuilding diet. It is not whatsoever. We wanted to get out of the bodybuilding diet type of approach because it was low efficiency. It was low in time efficiency. And it took too much work.

Plus, it also incorporated foods that have long term negative health effects usually. So try the Velocity LEAN Diet. Learn it. Master it. You’re going to gain a powerful skill for life for losing weight, and for your health.


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