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The Velocity Lean Diet Is Also Psychologically Friendly

The Velocity Lean Diet Is Also Psychologically Friendly and Fun Because Although There Is a Challenge The Challenge Will Vary In Intensity Throughout The Matrix Cycle.

In order to succeed at a diet, it must be psychologically doable. It also must be emotionally doable.

Now, everyone has a different psychology and a different set of emotions and so on. But the Velocity LEAN Diet will work with an individual on an individualized basis as they adapt the diet to fit their person and personality.

The thing about the Velocity LEAN Diet is that with the group of allowable foods we use, I would even argue it’s impossible to gain weight, extra body fat from those foods. These foods are very human friendly they’re human assimilatable. For the most part, to a high degree, and they are also healing.

Part of the trick behind obtaining a lean and toned body in modern times, is that we need to eat what we call “healing foods”, foods that help promote body regeneration without side effects.  We want avoid foods that cause health disruption. When we go through the details in the Velocity LEAN Diet course.

We also go through a “cycle of intensity” in the Velocity LEAN Diet.  This cycle has its intense points and then it also allows us to cycle back out and relax a little bit.   And this process helps us in multiple ways.

  • It helps the body, keep off balance in terms of getting used to any sort of way of eating. 
  • It keeps the body from getting used to any sort of pattern cycle.
  • Also it gives us something to look forward to as it gets more intense.
  • We can then look forward to a break that is coming on the horizon so then we are better able to do the intense part. 
  • So it keeps the diet doable while also hitting the intense spots for accelerated fat burning and autophagy. 

Because if a diet just has intensity after intensity after intensity then, a person looks at that diet as some sort of miserable future, some sort of torture and they will tend to start to cheat on the diet and eventually just give up on it.

The physical body doesn’t work in a linear way.  It needs to work in cycles, in waves  It needs to coordinate with its own multiple overlapping overlay or set of balances and systems.

So if we’re smart and if we work with the physical body to coax it to where we want it to go. We can get better results.


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