“Uncle… Are You Going to Have a Baby?…   Will You Make Milk?”



I’ll never forget the day my 4 year old nephew asked me, so innocently sounding, in front of the rest of my family, “Uncle are you pregnant? Are you going to have a baby?  Will you make milk?”… … ………………….

I stood there like a deer in headlights…


Discover How I Went from New Body Weight Struggles to Cracking the Code with the Velocity LEAN Diet. Find Out How the Secrets in the Velocity LEAN Diet Could Help You Liberate Yourself from Body Weight Struggles Too…

Exposed & Embarrassed (to Say The Least…)

I was “pretending to be lean and toned” at the time after letting myself get out of shape.  And in my imagination I was thinking, or rather, pretending, ‘no one can really tell that I have fat on my belly… it’s invisible!”   (As if I had fat belly invisibility super powers.)

But I could not escape the honesty of a child!  He had x-ray vision and saw past my imagination. And I looked like a fool.

I had to “Face the Music” in front of my family who were a bit more polite than my 4 year old nephew!

How Embarrassing… So was forced to confront the truth… I got fat! 

I tried to use my best “poker face” in front of everyone but it wasn’t working.

Finally I was forced to admit, that I been in “body blubber denial” and I wasn’t supposed to be.  

And to my imagination’s surprise, me pretending that the fat wasn’t there wasn’t able to “cloak” that poofy belly from my family, and especially my 4 year old nephew.  (Man that kid is sharp.  He likes to get right to the point about things… lol).

But what was extra embarrassing was that I was in denial because, well, it became harder for me to get rid of excess body fat due a change over to a heavy computer lifestyle. 

And the old school ways of fat burning that took up way too much time in the gym plus cooking and eating those 6 to 8 meals a day was just not going to work for me. I just didn’t have the time…

Yes.  It happened.  I grew a belly with some nasty, thick, piled up belly fat and my chest wasn’t looking so hot either… ewwww .)  

Fortunately I wasn’t in so much denial that I took pictures and posted them on Facebook or online dating profiles as many do… Wow.  That would have been bad. 

Have You Ever Experienced Imaginary Denial About Your Body Weight? It’s Strange Stuff When You Realize Yourself Doing It.  I Was Doing It and  Was Caught Red Handed!

Yeah… it’s so easy for us humans to get into imaginary denial because we’re, well… desperate.  We feel stuck with no way out. We don’t want to be overweight but that extra bodyfat just won’t go away!$^&%^([email protected]@!

We want to look good and feel good.  We want others to smile when they see us, not cringe. 

We need help.  We need someone to show new information that could work and finally help us make that breakthrough to finally getting that excess body weight off, and right away. 

We need a NEW and better way of doing things to rescue us from that place of being stuck by oppressive, every clinging excess bodyfat.  

My 4 year old nephew became my little hero because he gave me the “smack up side the head” the “spark of motivation” by shedding light on the truth that – I got fat in my belly and it was just time for me to deal with it.  

And that got me the motivation to roll up my sleeves to put my new created masterpiece called the Velocity LEAN Diet to work which made fat burning, belly fat burning easier and more time efficient than ever before. 

Some Times it Just Takes Powering Up the Will While Getting a Little Angry to “Put Your Foot Down” and Finally Conquer that Excess Body Fat…

So after not much deliberation, I decided to… CONQUER this new found body fat struggle of mine.  And I used this lemon of an event to make some sweet (stevia:) lemonade.   But I wanted to create something new in a diet, in a weight loss system, something different, something smarter, something faster and something easier.   So I did.  And now I’m sharing this creation of mine with you. 

My new type of fat problem called for a new discovery, a discovery better than any of those other popular diets out there.    We need much smarter  diets, diets that cover MANY angles at once from general health, to work load, to time involved to speed of weight loss, to health restoration and regeneration, to inner cleansing, to visceral fat eradication and so on and so forth.

When I got out of my imaginary world of denial about how flabby my body had become, it dawned on me that I wasn’t the only one out there struggling with extra strange and extra hard to get rid of body fat.  Millions of others out there were too! 

And looking around, depending on where you live, most people are struggling with excess body fat and this strange swolleness I attribute to stuck fluids in the body.  You could even call it an epidemic since all of that excess body fat and backed up fluid in the body has been correlated to all sorts of health problems.    

So then therefore, I decided to help others by releasing my new lean body getting secrets for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay me for personal training…  and you can get these secrets by picking up a copy of the Velocity LEAN Diet today.   See more information below:  


Body Fat Is Sneaky. It Can Really Sneak Up On You… 

Can I Get An Amen!

When one becomes really busy and really focused it becomes really hard to keep on top of having a lean and toned body, especially these days and modern toxic times. 

Have you been having a harder time getting and staying lean too?

And who has time anymore for the whole “gym life” guru thing to go to the gym, recuperate and do all of that cooking and eating so many extra meals in a process that takes so many hours a day?  

Only those full time fitness professional weight loss gurus do and maybe those who are semi to fully retired!

The old ways of weight loss take way too much time and are too hard for busy people.  And I got to that point myself. 

So I decided to put my extensive health and fitness experience to work and crack some new codes for losing weight faster and easier than ever with far less time involved.

Also I wanted discover newer and better methods for more quickly eradicating fat from those “stuck zones” those,  hard to burn off fat deposit areas. 

And on top of that I wanted to figure out a method that would keep my metabolism high plus change my cravings at the same time so after I finished the diet and achieved the success I wanted, I would NOT rebound to get fat for fatter again by going back to the old, convenient ways of eating.


The Yo-Yo Rebound Is A Big Problem Out There In Dieting World.   

So, you do a diet for a period of time, then what do you do?  Go back to what you were doing before?  Isn’t that what got you overweight?    Right. 

So we needed to fix that in the Velocity LEAN Diet by looking to find and then target potential root causes of what causes this yo-yo dieting problem, at least from our yo-yo experiences.

And through this process I found startling secrets behind what was triggering the yo-yo effect in me.  And I’ll share with you these secrets and my way of beating that dreaded yo-yo dieting effect that has affected me way too often in the past.

When you can stop rebounding into rapidly gaining weight after dieting and therefore keep your dieting achievements, then you can make steady progress. Because if you want to lose more weight afterwards, then all you need to do is that diet again.

But having to go back all over and lose the weight you already loss is miserable. It’s not efficient.  It’s just not smart.  Unfortunately you could argue that most weight loss approaches and diets are just not very smart.   

So, when you can actually stay lean after losing weight from all your efforts, life becomes SO much easier!


Finally I Had Enough!  I Just Could Not Stand That Stuck, Extra Body Fat Anymore!

Sometimes in order to get something done,  you just need to “put your foot down”, “roll up your sleeves”  and go to battle!

Know what I mean?

And when we reach that trigger point where we just only get the energy and the resolve of mind – we can use that energy to go take charge and get the job done!

In fact, since we are dealing with weight loss which is highly correlated with one’s comfort zones, I find that I have to be even aggressive, or some would even say “war like” in order to blow through the comfort zone and get the results I want to get for my lean and toned body goals, at least at the start.

Then when you can get in gear with a good weight loss system then everything can just start to kick in gear all the way to the finish line.

“How did it ever become so hard to get or stay lean and toned…”

It had become harder than ever to get rid of excess body fat for me at the time and after a changed lifestyle into endless hours in front of … computers working on many new projects.

But looking around locally and across the country, I was not the only one struggling with really tough to remove body fat. 

Most of the whole country was struggling too, most far worse off than me.  Then I realized…

Something Has Gone Way Wrong.  What’s Going On Out There?  

Was it just the “computer lifestyle”?    We were all not that much more physically active than these days back 30 to 40 years ago, yet people were relatively lean on average back then compared to these days. 

But on the other hand the whole technology upgrade from video games onto working from home on a computer in combination with a lot of bad behavior in society as a lot of people indoors and a lot less active.  So okay that’s certainly a factor. 

But I would say since a lot of people do a lot of exercise in the gym and still struggle with excess body weight, then the problem is more than just lack of moving around.  There’s something fishy going on…

Wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s not your fault.

In fact, body weight struggles have gotten so bad that it seems like we’ve been transported to another planet.   So instead of just complaining about it and waiting for the planet to all change for the better, I figured, well, let’s go figure this whole global excess body weight mess out and fix it. 

Let’s find the problem so we can find solutions.

Let’s find the root causes and figure out the remedy. 

Hey, sometimes things just change.  So what do we do?  We adapt. 

Maybe we can go change our environment and how society does things, but that can take a long time.  We need a fix for NOW.  

And for some, identifying these root causes related to what has been giving these excess body weight struggles is more important than ever in these modern times; it may be indeed a life saving discovery for some!  So time is of the essence. It’s time to learn and figure out solutions, quickly!


Modern Body Fat Struggles Are MUCH Different than Historical Ones

Something has gone WAY wrong.  It’s as if this something was almost sinister, slowly creeping up on people, patiently waiting, sneakily growing, like a parasite, to envelope its host while making us really fat along the way!

Okay that may be a bit dramatic yet the skyrocketing disease rates and obesity rates over the past few decades is not normal. It should not be considered normal especially since humans know more and can do more than ever.  So what has changed? That is the question!

A lot of people, including myself, seemed to have a hard time noticing their body fat percentage getting greater and greater.

Did we not notice?  Or were we just too busy, busy, busy to even bother with it making the option of going into denial much easier?
And many people simply seemed to have gotten to the point where they just couldn’t keep up with the excess weight. 

Staying lean and toned was just taking too much effort, time and energy.  And so… they let it go…

So something was wrong.  I was able to see that more clearly since I’m no “spring chicken” and have been around on this rock long enough to experience times when not many people were very overweight at all. 

And back “in the old days”, it was pretty hard to gain weight at least in comparison to now. We had to eat a lot of food in order to gain weight in terms of body fat. I mean, we had to work hard at getting fat in order to get really fat.   

But now we hardly have to do anything and we get fat.  And now we’re required to do all of this work just to try and stay lean.  Back in the past, we had to do… nothing! to stay lean. 

But still, back in the old days,  no matter how hard we tried to “eat like a horse” eating mass quantities of whatever, we gained very little body fat compared to this massive blow fish look that we see out and about in modern times.

And what I discovered was that a lot of this big super large, blowfish looking “body fat” was not necessarily only body fat but other “stuff” too, like nasty stuff building up in the body!  

And the nasty stuff was getting backed up and stuck, clogged inbetween the cells, all over the body! It gets stuck and plugged up and were not draining out what they needed to drain out and it also interferes with our ability to shed excess fat too from my experience.

So we made the Velocity LEAN Diet to help address many of these problems, which is what can make our approach so effective. 

Something Was Wrong. It Was Way Wrong.  But Then, Discover How We Made it Right…

So I started looking into possible root causes to my new fat struggles and what I perceived in others.  I wanted to answer the question “why”?

What causes this and what causes that.

And after some research in combination with knowledge and understanding I have accumulated over the decades I was able to assemble an approach to combat modern body fat issues, a really, really good approach.  And I’m sure you will agree once you learn the Velocity LEAN Diet Eating System.

Okay, so I got a little “greedy”.  I wanted to push the envelope and now aim at a new goal. 

I wanted a more IDEAL weight loss diet method that was better than everything else out there. 

So I thought, “Let’s make a NEW type of DIET that is FASTER, BETTER and with LESS EFFORT.

I wanted:

  • FAST weight loss.  No.  FASTER Weight loss and fat elimination FASTER than EVER.
  • A diet that can help me remove these tough fat and junk tissue build ups, especially related to belly fat and the dangerous visceral fat, finally, once for all.
  • Also, I wanted to target extra strange puffiness development  associated with men’s chests…  …. …. Yes that. 
  • I wanted to counteract the damage to caused by sitting too much or even standing too much in front of a computer.
  • I wanted the diet to take less time than ever to actually perform. This was especially important to me since I became so much more busy and I removed myself from the typical gym life which just took up way too much time per day in terms of exercise and everything associated with it at the gym, plus all of the cooking and eating associated with “gym life”.
  •  A diet that can boost my health to greater levels, superior levels and even slightly to “super human” levels!
  • How about a diet that can target the root causes related to the cravings of the certain types of foods that so easily make us fat! Because arguably one of the main reasons why most of us have so easily gotten fat and stayed overweight was because of the slight changes in the food types we ate on average.   So then therefore if I could knock out these cravings and then start to crave foods that kept me lean in toned – well then,  that would be great too! Talk about efficiency!

The Ridiculousness Of The Bodybuilding Lifestyle Approach For Regular People Who Don’t Have All Day To Spend On “Gym Life”… 

Have you ever tried to do the whole personal trainer gym thing where they get you into eating six to eight meals a day and working out 2 to 3 hours a day?

Sure you can call that a fun adventure but it takes way too much time and energy for most people.

So why not go the opposite way in a sense and have our new diet approach take the least amount of time and effort I think, maybe ever in a diet?!   The Velocity LEAN Diet is SUPER Efficient and SUPER Healthy.  You’ll see.  And no it’s actually and genuinely fun to do – it’s not austere or boring. 

Okay.  But how?  Eat protein bars and shakes all day?  No that can make you fat and impact your health on the long run. 

Of course you can’t just stop eating or else you slow down your metabolism setting yourself up for getting fatter than ever.

And if you slow your metabolism into starvation mode then your body will start to hold onto body fat fiercely. No no no! We don’t want that!  That is not fun!!

So let’s get smarter.  Let’s make a SMARTER DIET. 

Let’s turn our new diet into an EATING SYSTEM so we can just plug into the system, “abc 123”, do the rules, get the results so we can achieve our lean body ideal goals.   And that is what we did!

  • Let’s lose weight faster.
  • Let’s Lose belly fat.
  • Let’s spend less time and effort than ever on our diet.
  • Let’s lose visceral fat.
  • Let’s help eradicate junk tissue.
  • Let’s help reduce body swelling.
  • Let’s make a diet that can help us become more super healthy, yet while having more fun, while finding new foods and recipes are fun to eat, while jacking up high powered nutrients to high levels into our bodies… all while transforming our bodies so we obliterate cravings for the foods, drinks and substances that were making us fat, swollen and sick. 
  • And all of these factors combined have made the Velocity LEAN Diet a most ideal diet, from our own experience. 

So That’s What I Wanted in the New Ideal Diet But first I Had to Figure Out Some New Breakthrough Discoveries.

And so I did.  It did not take too long since I have over 3 decades experience in developing solutions for health fixes in creative, yet ultra logical ways.  

I happened to have bits and pieces, components figured out for this ideal diet from my research in other health realms in combination to my own fitness experience and testing of many different programs of others and of my own.   It just needed to be put together into a synergistic whole.  

And one day I had that light bulb moment….  I already had the answer.  It was hidden under my nose.   The answer was in another fat burning weight loss exercise system which is the core of VelocityBURN.net ‘s products.  

And good news for you is that I’m sharing my new really, really good, brilliant breakthrough, ultra efficiency, idealistic weight loss method with you today.    Click the add to cart button to get started with the Velocity LEAN Diet.


Why Has it Become So EASY to Get Fatter These Days When it Used to Be Hard to Get Fat?!

And just for the record, no I wasn’t running now eating boxes of Krispy Kreme’s everyday or fast food etc. And being in a static position for so long every day, just about, takes its toll, slows down metabolism while choking off the flow of blood and lymph  which makes it easier to get fat and puffy. So…

I needed a new way of getting lean and toned rather than the old school body building diet and workout method that ended up taking up 4 to 6 hours a day (if you put it all together while making me more tired on average).   

So what did I do?

I created … the Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System!  And it is a TOTALLY NEW WAY of DIETING.

But you need to take action, buy it then learn it fast before you forget!  Speaking from experience, you never want to procrastinate when you find treasure! 

When you have a globally revolutionary lean body getting method you certainly don’t want to let it slide by simply from getting distracted. 

So take action now and click the Add to Cart button to get started!  Dive in to the course and learn it right away.  We think that you’ll be glad you did!



INTRODUCING:  New Ingenious Method Called The Velocity LEAN Diet For Triggering A Hidden Automatic Body Process For Cleansing Out Excess Body Weight As If It Was Garbage That Needed To Be Taken Out To The Curb… 

Let’s Just “Throw Away” This Excess Body Fat!

Yes as a mental approach, what if you thought about excess body weight as garbage, as something disgusting that you just simply cannot tolerate any more, that just needs to be “thrown out”…

It’s a type of mind set a lot of perpetually lean, toned and attractive people have.    And to them, excess body fat is not tolerated!  And even to some, having excess body fat is a “hideous crime” that just “must not be.”

Even if everyone around them thinks it’s okay to be overweight because “everyone else is doing it”,  the genuine lean body person will not budge on their mentality.   

They stick to their beliefs and they stay lean. 

They usually also try to make it easier on themselves by surrounding themselves with lean and fit people, when they can, because lean body people understand that mentalities are contagious and they don’t want to absorb the mindset or the gut biome for that matter of an overweight, sloppy person. –  (another lean body life tip.)

You see (confession) I got a little lax myself and I let things slide because I just didn’t have time for the old school method of lean body getting and keeping that I traditionally did which was roughly the old school bodybuilder lifestyle. 

So no I was not a genuine lean body person you could say… and I tended to favor muscle size over just being lean and definitely not skinny.

But even genuine lean body people can struggle strongly in this highly fattening and toxic modern times. 

So we need smarter ways of eating!  In fact, we need SECRETS!

Yeah… I let things slide. I looked around me and I thought in the back of my mind ‘hey everyone else is fat and swollen looking…  I can be a little lazy and get away with it…’   and yes to be honest that was an embarrassing thought that was circulating in my mind.  And I was getting away with it, so I thought until my little, bold as a bull, nephew pointed out that I looked “like I was pregnant” as a man.  Oh yes, he also wondered if I was going to “make milk.”  Greeeaaateee…   Little whuppersnapper. lol. 

Why did I think that I could ‘get away with it’ pretending that ‘no one would see through my shirt’?

In one sense, that’s kind of hilarious. But on the other hand it’s a bit nutty.   Well here’s my excuse:  because I became so busy with my businesses, more than ever, like with crazy amounts of work in front of a computer, day after day, I just had too much of a change of life style. I was simply eating too many bad foods that I got away with eating when I was spending an hour or two at the gym just about every day. 

Plus I wanted to conserve as much time and energy as I could for my projects and so those old school time and labor intensive, energy draining ways were just not going to cut it anymore.  

I needed a much more time EFFICIENT way of losing weight, burning fat, getting lean and toned and staying lean and toned. 

And I’m talking DRASTICALLY MORE EFFICIENT methods of weight loss.  So… I INVENTED THEM!

But it wasn’t until I got to wake up call that I mentioned at the start of this explanation that really gave me that WHACK upside my head as the expression goes (from my 4 year old nephew)  that made me realize that, I did indeed look ridiculous!  Yuck! 

I had to get really honest. I had to confess.  I had to “repent” of my blubberous ways.  I remembered that I’ve got standards to uphold. And this was embarrassing. It was very unattractive. 

So through experience I learned to take these embarrassing types of moments,  using the strong emotional energy they provided as energy to take action instead of just sitting there being upset.  And so I did.  And the Velocity LEAN Diet was deployed!

Did You Know that Excess Body Fat is Dangerous, Even Toxic?

And as I started researching more into general health and what causes a lot of these major health problems here in modern times, and how to reverse those problems,  I realized that this excess body fat and swollen puffiness was actually very dangerous, like a ticking time bomb.

First of all we cannot tolerate or be casual about this excess body fat especially the excess fat around our organs called visceral fat.  That is well known to be dangerous.  

We need to get rid of it. We need to “throw it out like garbage” as a mindset mentioned before.  We need to torch it off the body. We need to “evaporate it” off the body. 

Also what I found is that excess body fat in general and that extra swollen puffiness we see these days is a symptom of, a precursor to a wide array of health problems that you really do not want.

It’s having this modern swollen weight gains is a symptom of creeping underlying health problems in the making that tend to sneak up on you and mature out into a major life crisis, usually catching one by surprise.  

But back to losing weight and modern body weight struggles…. So I found there was a direct correlation to this backed up fluidy like, extra liquidy seeming body fat, and the visceral fat that tends to really pack and stack in the belly area to why it’s has been so hard for so many people to lose weight.  And by focusing on those 2 problems I also found keys to better solving modern weight gain, obesity struggles. 

So therefore if we start targeting these various root causes of modern body fat then we can better reverse excess body fat and keep it off much more easily.  And that’s what we look to do here in the Velocity LEAN Diet.



In Order to Make Losing Weight Faster I Decided to Target SPEED:

SPEED of Weight Loss, SPEED of Belly Fat Burning, SPEED of Time & Effort Needed to do the Diet All While Making Sure that the Velocity LEAN Diet Avoided the Dreaded Metabolism Slow Down that Can Wreck Your Physique and YoYo into Fast Weight Gain!

Speed is what we need!  Speed keeps our interest levels high. Speed brings results faster. Speed saves us time. Speed makes the diet more fun to do.

Those long monotonous 12 the six-week diet programs are just miserable.  Have you experienced those? A lot of people are on those programs from bodybuilders on down to different popular weight loss approaches.  And a diet that takes that long takes a lot of focus and a lot of work.

You see, were not into that anymore. We’re not into the long drawnout approach anymore. Were not into a dieting approach that takes hours a day to do were it essentially just about consumes your life.  And when you put all of cooking shopping and eating altogether.  Oh I forgot the cleaning too!  it takes up way too much time! And people are busy and have better things to do than worry about eating all day.

Did you know that the Velocity LEAN Diet is technically only a 10 day diet? Of course you can just simply repeat the diet cycle to get the results you need.

We’ve added fat burning window with sweet spot targeting that gets cycled.  So we’re specifically going for those sweet spots of fast fat burning and weight loss.  In the fat burning sweet spots we look to be at our peak of fat burning. But the body can’t keep up that pace on a continuous basis so we have a unique way of cycling that takes care of that.

We cycle in and out to avoid metabolism slow down.  If the metabolism slows down then the whole dieting process starts going backwards, becoming less efficient, slowing down, while setting us up for that dreaded YOYO rebound.  Just say no to YOYO!

And we’re looking to become not MORE efficient, even ULTRA efficient with the Velocity LEAN Diet, not less! 

So therefore, we employed a mechanism to help fix this combination problem while hitting peak fat loss windows while still keeping the metabolism high.

How We Target Preventing The Yoyo Affect In Another Way

And then we discovered another problem which was what exactly to eat when we do eat, and what to not eat.

Because we have found that if one sticks to what a lot of health gurus and weight lost gurus say about what is good to eat, very little progress will be made if any. And if any progress is made, then usually, a rebound happens which will gain the weight right yo-yo back. That’s been my experience, how about you?   

Well for more understanding on that topic I’ll just tell you that what we found is that if you replace the food choices of what to eat when you do eat then there is a greater probability of success on the diet and after one is finished with the diet.  Many of the key food choices with different types of foods can still be enjoyable and quite frankly I find them more enjoyable,  which make me feel a lot better and more happy.

And on that note we also combat the YOYO factor with our foods lists and do not eat list that helps us transform the gut biome for the better to crave foods that make us lean and keep us lean, which then therefore changes our cravings to not crave the bad foods.  And that means that if we can change our cravings then we are not going to, or we will be less likely to crave the prior foods that’s made us that in the first place, due to cravings given to us by a bad gut biome! 

We Had to Solve Dieting Austerity Because Well, That’s Just No Fun…

And one more key problem we had to solve was the austerity issue.  We know that a diet cannot feel miserable or else we just won’t stick to it especially when we are so busy with so much work these days.   

If a diet is too austere then most people will not stick to it and they will rebel,  possibly even eating their former junk food with a vengeance. 

What’s Autophagy? And How Have We Figured Out How to Maximize it Better…

In order to obtain greater efficiency in dieting we also look to  maximize the process known as autophagy when we can on the Velocity LEAN Diet

Autophagy is a process in the body where your body goes into “oven cleaning mode”  for “auto cleaning”.

Part of the weight loss process that increases weight loss efficiency is to help the body or facilitate the body to clean up and clean out junk tissue that simply can clog up our bodies continual flow of blood to feed the cells and deliver oxygen and the removal cellular waste on the other side out through the lymphatic system.

“Autophagy is a self-degradative process that is important for balancing sources of energy at critical times in development and in response to nutrient stress. Autophagy also plays a housekeeping role in removing misfolded or aggregated proteins, clearing damaged organelles, such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes, as well as eliminating intracellular pathogens… Pub Med”

It’s like automatic push button body fat, junk tissue, bad bug and even cancer cell cleanup!

It helps clean non physical body productive cells and tissue from the body.  This is what we want.  We want the pathways between the cells to be better cleaned out.  Why? Because from our experience, then weight loss, fat and excess junk fluid elimination seems to happen much more quickly. 

Now just imagine inside your house… If you could push a button and then all of a sudden all these creatures or how about robots go and clean your house up and make it perfect… that would be awesome right? Well that’s autophagy. 

It’s your own body’s clean up take out the garbage mode. 

It’s a maintenance process in the body.   It’s a similar process to when your body goes into starvation mode where your body knows to go tear up non productive tissue, disassembling that tissue for nutrient component parts that critical cells need for operation and repair.  Isn’t that cool?!

This autophagy process is innate. Your body knows how to do it automatically. And so what we want to do is take advantage of this.

We want to purposely trigger autophagy and look to MAXIMIZE it,  maximizing the peak points where autophagy is most active in order to help us in the weight loss process.  And we do this through a new trick we stumbled upon…

And what we do in this Velocity LEAN Diet is an optimization factor for making autophagy more impactful by synergistically merging the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement Matrix with meal timing.  (VelocityBURN is another powerful product of ours at VelocityBURN.net)

Whereas the purpose of this optimization was to hit the points of highest autophagy activity yet without burning ourselves out in the process. And we certainly did not want to slow down the metabolism either, which also gets factored into the Velocity LEAN MATRIX.

And do keep in mind, that the Velocity BURN Diet is only a 2 week (technically 10 day) cycle.   The cycle can be repeated as needed or bounced back and forth between other diets. 


Velocity LEAN Diet – The Super Simplified Eating System Designed To Flip The “Auto Clean” Switch To “On”  to Start Auto Cleaning Stubborn Body & Belly Fat Out Layer By Layer…

Belly fat is a big issue for a lot of people. I know I personally developed some of that thick belly fat myself. Yuck.  Made my 4 yr old nephew ask if I was pregnant.  Wow.

That belly fat was very sneaky. It just sneaks up on you.  A lot of people, especially guys, have big pot bellies these days.  It looks like they are actually pregnant it’s so bad. 

 Many say that is due to dangerous visceral fat accumulation around the organs.  We don’t want that.   And women are not immune also; they just tend to accumulate fat in different ways.

But it’s those little habits compounded over time that add up big later. You know, as they say, if a ship gets 1° off course, by the end of their destination on the ocean they could end up at a different country.  Well the same thing or a similar thing can be said with one’s daily habits of eating and moving or lack thereof.

It was pretty shocking when I finally had to accept the reality of that fat belly in addition to the rest of the fat on my body popping up in strange places had snuck up on me to the point where it was noticeable, especially in the torso area, or anything related to me hunching over a computer really.

Now granted I did have a lifestyle change and was well into this lifestyle change for a couple, few years.

This means that I made a shift out of “gym life” after having moved to a new area and after realizing how much time gym life takes up in combination to me not liking my nasty gym in the area I was. 

But in short, my metabolism was slower and I tended to eat as I did when my metabolism was faster.

So my body needs were different. And the intensity of the quantity of physical engagement that I was used to was not there anymore.

So I started creating new methods, systems to allow me to not use the gym while losing weight, burning fat more efficiently while also building muscle more efficiently.  

And now these new methods work really well for me and saves me a lot of time while in many cases providing more and better results with less time and less effort than ever.  The Velocity LEAN Diet is one of those methods.   




Are You Struggling With Weight Loss These Days?

It’s rough out there these days. It takes some smart new ways and approaches for making weight loss easy again.

We all really should not have to struggle so much to have a lean and toned body.

So therefore I decided to make solutions to hopefully help people out. And I think that you could benefit significantly from learning our Velocity LEAN Diet.  It just may be that breakthrough that helps you finally get to that lean body you desire…

It’s really easy to either not see when we are getting fatter or to just simply be in denial.   Or is it just me? Am I the only one doing that?  I don’t think so.  We can just look around to notice that. 

Yes sometimes it takes a stark wake-up call like my four-year-old nephew calling me out asking if I was pregnant and if I was going to make the milk? lol. 

Have You Ever Thought That It Was Possible For You To Personally Lose Weight And Look Like Models In Magazines Or On The Internet?   

It’s not impossible, for you personally to do this, I hope you know. 

You are not doomed to “genetics” because ultimately it’s our habits, especially those deep down habits that we pick up usually from our family, but also from our environment that create our “genetic” scenario. 

You can become lean and toned once you learn the secrets of how the body works and what works for the body especially in modern times.

And I would say that just about every human has that potential to shape into a beautiful attractive look, the look they would like to ideally see on themselves and feel best about. 

And for those who have been inspired to actually accomplish their ideal look then the good news is that, today, you can access a tool that you can use that could help get you there a lot more quickly with the Velocity LEAN Diet.


What We Call “Modern Times”  Has Been Rough On a Lot Of People Particularly In The USA.

Why would I say that? Look around!  A large percentage of people is having excessive body weight and junk tissue issues.

Not only do excessive body weight struggles create all sorts of emotional and social problems they also create health problems and these days those health problems can be very dangerous.

And also a lot of people are in depression because of their body weight struggles. They just don’t know why they are stuck. In my opinion, they are stuck due to lack of knowledge and understanding which they can quickly fix by learning eating systems such as this Velocity LEAN Diet and our other products on VelocityBURN.net and VelocityLEAN.comMAGNALEAN.com too.

I mean it’s really terrible. A lot of people feel as if they are treated like they are not even human any more if they are overweight. They can be totally ignored and even have people run away from them. It’s really sad.  I don’t want that to happen to anyone anymore. 

And for anyone out there who is really sad like that, I want you to learn this product and the rest of our products because I believe the secrets in their could help you very much. The secrets then there could give you those keys, those puzzle pieces to finally break free of oppressive, chronic body weight struggles. Get aggressive and suffer no more. You can do it! Yes you can.  Let us know if you need help. 

You may feel your stuck but freedom is really not far away.  When you learn the secrets you can make the breakthroughs. 

And, let’s just say it’s not necessarily your fault.  There has indeed been an agenda against you. No you are not a “bad person.” And it’s time to fight back by gaining knowledge and understanding. 

In Years Gone By It Was Actually Very Difficult To Get Fat.

People had to work hard at it. People had to train in order to fatten up in a similar way to how people trained to build muscle these days.   It was hard work getting super fat back then!

Sumo wrestlers are an example of this.  Of course that was a long long time ago.   

If Sumo wrestlers in centuries past had the processed foods and the corrupt foods we have today they could  get extremely fat without much extra work and do so very quickly. 

In fact, It could be super easy to be a Sumo wrestler, or at least look like one, in the USA today!

So What’s Up? What’s Going On?  Why Has It Become So Easy To Get Fat And Why Has It Become So Hard To Get Lean And Stay Lean?!?

So I figured that we all need a new solution in order to combat modern weight gain, modern body fat struggle issues.

We need a new approach that addresses and incorporates problems caused by modern times. So then therefore we created one, and this solution is called the Velocity LEAN Diet.

Pick up a copy today and start learning it right away. The components of this diet in combination with the whole synergistic system of eating within the Velocity LEAN Diet will add to you valuable knowledge and insight that we’ve accumulated in over three decades in health,  health solution generation , fitness,  bodybuilding and personal training.

Does It Seem Harder Than Ever Or Even Impossible To Get Your Lean And Toned Body Back That Maybe You Used To Have In College?

A lot of people blame aging for extra body weight struggles.  One could argue about hormonal changes and so on but there are plenty of people who are aged who are lean and toned.   

Yes we have changes as we age but we can simply do some smart things to compensate for those changes.  It’s not that difficult when you have the knowledge. 

What we’ve discovered is that ultimately your genetics are shaped by your habits. And your habits are shaped by your beliefs. If you want more information on this type of topic you can look up a stem cell researcher named Bruce Lipton; he has several books.   

But before Bruce Lipton came along I discovered this personally which helped me reverse several major health problems on my own while avoiding likely disaster treatments. These health fixes were the shock of doctors I saw, as well as a doctor in the family and his doctor friends. 

“How could this be…” was usually the look I saw on their fact.  “They didn’t teach me this in medical school!!”   Little did they know that I was combining insights and logic that I learned from the world of body building, related research and from ideas generated by reading lots of body building and fitness mags all in combination with endless free medical insight I was able to obtain from the family MD, even when I was a punk teenager.  

In my opinion, the Velocity LEAN Diet is one on the most powerful ways we can target the reversal of many of root causes of what makes us struggle with excess body weight these days. How so?

First of all we get help with autophagy optimization.  This means we want to MAXIMIZE autophagy that other diets in the past have not been able to do well, not to the extent Velocity LEAN does and not without slowing down the metabolism to a crawl.

So this means that we can get a “Roto-Rooter” and or “auto oven cleaning” process started in the body to go rapidly tear up fat cells and other junk tissue that can be blocking the elimination of excess body fat and body weight in general. 

In the second way, we also look to target another core root of excess body weight problems whereas we look to give our cravings an overhaul.  As we retrain the body to not crave foods that make us fat and sick but to crave foods that boost our health and make us more lean and toned, well then, getting lean and staying lean logically can become a lot more easy.  This part of the diet is extremely interesting and we discovered it through cross-correlation in studying other highly successful natural healers.   

Once you can change your gut biome with these powerful health bringing,  life bringing, lean body bringing foods,  and when you learn to swap out what you currently use for these foods,  then you’re likely to never going to want to go back to the old junk that caused all those addictive cravings and that makes body weight struggles (unless you force yourself to eat the old junk due to old erroneous beliefs that bad foods are good, that you’re still clinging too or by hanging around people who keep eating those foods who can then push you, who can influence you to eat those bad foods.   

This part of the diet is also very impressive from our own experience and we’re very happy about it.



Every Weight Loss Endeavor Needs To Be Turned Into A System In Order To Make It Most Effective.

I want to emphasize this concept of a system. What’s a system?

A system is a set of rules “abc123”.  It’s a set of instructions that you have figured out and tested ahead of time.

So then you can just do the instructions in real time without having to try and figure things out.

Most people fail at losing weight and keeping it off do so because they do not have a system.  They have a vague strategy that is not clear or methodical enough and that cannot produce long-term lasting results.

So we’ve turned the Velocity LEAN Diet into a system, a very powerful system that is comprehensive and complete.  It’s an eating system that offers a comprehensive approach to losing weight on its own.

It was designed to not need exercise. But of course exercise in our opinion is always a nice thing to do with lots of health benefits. 

And if you use a type of exercise method that coordinates with the Velocity LEAN Diet’s strength then all the better.  But just understand that the Velocity LEAN is a very strong system on its own.

  1. We have a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to not eat.
  2. We also use the concept of food replacement replacing the bad with the good in order to have fun tasty recipes that fit in the diet.
  3. We have a highly organized eating schedule with particular timings of when to eat and when not to eat within the intensity engagement cycle.   And this cycle has been amazingly effective at helping us optimize fat burning,  while helping prevent the body from adapting to the diet,  while helping prevent a metabolism slow down and while keeping the diet interesting and actually pretty fun.


Losing Weight Is Really Really Hard For A Lot Of People. Why Has It Become So Hard? Well That’s The Question We Wanted To Answer.

We discovered that most weight loss methods out there were simply gimmicks.   What’s a gimmick?   

It’s something that works for a short period of time but then  fails miserably later while even having side effects to boot.   

A lot of gimmick diets may have some results but then end up making you heavier, fatter than ever by triggering a yo-yo rebound. 

So we wanted to avoid gimmick diet concept and we wanted to lose weight fast. 

Not only do we want to lose weight fast, we want to keep the weight off and actually become healthier in the process. And we want to keep it off easily without having to spend 3 to 6 hours a day in the gym and cooking like it was a second or third job! 

We have tried and tested many weight loss approaches over the years and so have many others we know.  And what we found in terms of what works these days  primarily is:

  1. The type of foods you eat.   There are a lot of foods out there these days that are not optimal for human beings.
  2. The timing when you eat.
  3. And the time between when you eat.



The Body Must Be Able To Be Triggered Into Fat Burning And Junk Tissue Removal Mode Without Going Into Starvation Mode. 

In Starvation Mode The Body Will Slow Down The Metabolism And Hold Onto Fat Storage As Much As Possible.

We went in the opposite direction of what most weight loss gurus tell you by working less and putting less effort into losing weight!   And it worked!

If you listen to all the gurus in the gym, the average personal trainer and the famous weight-loss gurus on TV, they’re going to tell you to work hard, spend hours a day working out.  Eat only chicken, fish and vegetables 6 to 8 times a day and be consumed with the bodybuilding lifestyle.  “You need to Live it. Breathe it…” as one personal trainer guru likes to say.

Or course the weight-loss guru method can have its effectiveness and you can burn fat off if you’re willing to put in all those hours per day while enduring the misery of their concept of “eating clean” (which is not very clean at all in our opinion). But you better not cheat or all of those hours and all of that hard work goes down the drain.   Plus the enormous cost of time involved is very “expensive”. 

But usually what happens later is that people can’t sustain that level of effort and time.    They then go back to their old ways, their old cravings and puff out like a blow fish these days. And all of that hard work and time goes down the tubes…

Or on the other hand, those who do the “old school approach” become gym obsessed.  But the rest of their life, including their relationships start to disappear….It’s actually pretty sad!

The guru’s weight loss methods usually never take care of the root causes. They get you coming back over and over so you can get more treatments, so you can have more personal trainer sessions to keep their income flowing.  Nothing against people making money, and “gym life” can be fun if you have nothing else to do, but if you have other things to do in life, then you’re probably going to need something more efficient these days.  Also,  if you don’t get the results with those “gym life trainers” they can yell at you saying that you’re lazy, that you didn’t “work hard enough” and things like that, like the ones you see on TV…  

3 to 6 hours a day being burnt up by “gym life” is not going to work out for the average individual is it? No!  The average individual has a life.  They have other things to do other than spend hours per day literally getting ready for the gym,  working out,  coming home from the gym and cleaning off  while becoming too tired to do much of anything else,  while eating 6 to 8 times a day,  while cooking cooking cooking…  It’s like a second job. 

Now some may argue that  lifestyle is fun.  ” The gym life”.   But if you’re like me these days you’ve got other things to do and you need something far more efficient.   

So we created something more efficient in the Velocity LEAN Diet that can be done even without exercising for more time and effort efficient weight loss while targeting not slowing your metabolism down, also while targeting stubborn areas, especially belly fat which has become the hardest fat to remove for a lot of people, largely in part due to the accumulation a dangerous visceral fat. 

We also wanted a diet that would not create a yo-yo effect.  We wanted our cravings to actually change so we crave the foods that make us lean toned and healthy and not crave those foods that made us fatter any more.   And when we could change our cravings genuinely so by exposing hidden craving causer foods, foods that feed the emotions but starve the physical body, we knew that getting lean and staying lean would become much,  much easier.

On top of that we wanted a new level of fast weight loss.  We wanted to use some scientific discovery of eating timing and nutrient timing in order reduce our efforts in dieting.

We wanted a diet that was actually fun that had a slight challenge to it that kept us having fun.

And on top of that we wanted a diet that would not slow down the metabolism and keep its body keep the body on its toes.

So what we did is we combined a couple factors  to create this synergistic whole in this most excellent weight loss diet we call the Velocity LEAN Diet (implying greater speed towards getting lean with less time and effort…).

  1. We used foods based on advanced highly successful healers foods choices.  The object here was efficiency to find foods that were more human friendly that the physical body could recognize and assimilate well.
  2. We use eating timing while combining the eating timing with a flux Matrix.
  3. So what we did is that we used  the original invention from the Velocity BURN method’s “Intensity Engagement MATRIX”  and found a way how to use that with dieting.

And at first we didn’t know what to expect. But after trying the Velocity LEAN Diet we were quite positively surprised!    Finally  that stubborn nasty fix belly fat started to recede with visible results day by day and significant progress within just two weeks.

So are we saying that you can become lean and toned in two weeks?  Well your weight loss will be in proportion to how much you have to lose of course. If you have more weight then you just repeat the cycle until you get the desired end result.

Can we guarantee that you lose weight?   Well what we can tell you in a sales letter is that it’s hard not to lose weight, in our opinion. Once you see the mechanism and the structure of the diet your realize that it should be near impossible to not lose weight by following the system.

  • The Velocity LEAN Diet uses extremely healthy principles.
  • The Velocity LEAN Diet is not an austere diet so just when things may seem tough in the diet (where the most results happen) you start the cycle over again and you feel happy again plus you have happiness and relief to look forward to in the cycle so you can better deal with the challenging part and even think the challenging part is kinda fun. So everything is done in stages and in steps.



Do You Ever Get So Frustrated When Trying To Lose Weight That You Just Get Mad And Start To Eat With A Vengeance?

Yes this particularly happens when we get emotionally frustrated about a diet. When we get frustrated and give up there is a tendency to just go back to the old ways with a vengeance. Have you ever done that? I’ve done that several times personally and it’s not the smartest thing to do.

This type of thing happens with lame diets and lame exercise programs that don’t deal with the root causes or are highly inefficient like the old bodybuilder gym approach that so many personal trainers keep teaching these days.

We need more intelligent weight loss programs. We need more efficient and time-saving weight loss programs. We need programs that can help get results that you can see even on a daily basis in front of the mirror.

We need weight loss programs that deal with the root causes of or at least many of the root causes behind modern body fat struggles just like … the Velocity LEAN Diet !  Get started today!


Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up Trying To Lose Weight?

Yes a lot of people just have given up. You can look around and see that. Unfortunately giving up on losing weight these days is very dangerous to your health, even life threatening.

See what popular health doesn’t tell you is that there are many other correlating factors to modern body fat and puffiness that are ultimately deadly.  And you can see proof of that in the skyrocketing disease rates over the decades when technically we shouldn’t have any disease by now due to advancements of technology, knowledge and understanding.

But I’m telling you here today that you don’t have to give up.  You just need a smarter way of eating.  You need an eating system like the Velocity LEAN Diet that takes multiple smart approaches, all synergistically combined, for helping us more quickly lose weight while helping us change our cravings so we don’t crave the foods that make us fat and sick.

Additionally do keep in mind that the Velocity LEAN Diet is a type of diet that helps target visceral body fat. And visit visceral body fat is considered to be dangerous body fat around the organs.  It is part of the reason why so many people struggle with excess belly fat these days too.

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight!

It’s hard to lose weight for multiple reasons here are a few:

  1. Eating the wrong types of foods. And it’s not necessarily the wrong types of recipes; it’s the wrong types of components in the recipes.
  2. Lack of essential nutrient.
  3. Hidden GMOs that wreak all sorts of havoc in the body.
  4. Non-organic foods  with pesticides that disrupt your hormones making you fatter while working on causing you cancer.
  5. Increase in technology or as the technology has ended up tying us down and making his more inactive rather than liberating us to be more active.  Also there has been association between certain frequencies and EMFs to weight gain, health problems, diabetes and so on… 
  6. Lack of strenuous physical engagement as we all had to do and years gone by.  Humans were not built for this level of inactivity and convenience. 
  7. Plus many many more reasons… which means we need smarter ways to combat the changes we humans have had to endure.  So therefore – learn the Velocity LEAN Diet to help you start combating right away.



 The Keto Diet Is a Gimmick That Although Has Some Initial Health Benefits, Has Long-term Detrimental Effects.

The keto diet, aka “the low carb diet”, aka “the Atkins Diet”, can be effective for some quick weight loss but usually what happens after that?

Usually you get the yo-yo affect where people bounce right back into their old ways with body weight popping right back up again after they realize that long term use of keto diet is a bad idea for their health.

Also the problem with the keto diet is that it reduces your metabolism so it becomes very easy to get fat after you stop the diet or if you cheat on the Keto diet.

Also the keto diet starves you of many important nutrients  due to food restrictions but also due to decreased nutrient absorption since the release of insulin is severely limited, and insulin stores nutrients.  This makes the keto diet not a long-term sustainable diet and even a health dangerous diet although the keto diet does have certain positive health benefits for short-term use.

Experienced bodybuilders certainly know better about messing around too long with a keto diet. They usually don’t do such a low carb, keto diet session but for only a few days in a row and usually do it to target excess water weight.

They know that if they do a keto diet too long their muscles will shrivel up and their body will lack the ability to rapidly repair and recuperate.  Got stories, unfortunate ones about that…

In short, the keto diet can have some short term effects but essentially it can also be classified in the gimmick category and it’s a diet that can backfire.  Additionally it’s a miserable experience for most people  which also creates mood problems,  odor problems,  cognitive problems and productivity problems. 

So therefore we needed something in a bit smarter, okay, a lost smarter, that could get us fast results, even faster results, healthier results, yo-yo rebound avoidance, muscle retention, keto side effect avoidance while nourishing our bodies better than ever so… we created the Velocity LEAN Diet.


 Day After Day Night After Night You Look In The Mirror & Even After All Of That Dieting Effort and Exercise Still… You Look The Same.

Have You Been Experienced This Too?

A lot of people have experienced this frustration as well. No matter what they try they don’t seem to make any progress.

They spend tons of time and a lot of money on these various programs, thousands upon thousands for personal training and they still don’t have the breakthrough, they still don’t have the body they want.

A lot of weight loss programs take up a lot of time and they bring very little results if any. And those lame approaches for weight loss are not worth the time or effort.  They can be very frustrating.   But they are still heavily promoted out there.  You have to wonder why.   

Those popular programs get little results compared to a lot of work and time.  Most weight loss programs one can argue, are gimmicks, that don’t focus on the roots of the problem of the weight gain and they can also leave people more vulnerable than ever for even greater weight gain. 

So then therefore we needed to make a new way of losing weight that was worth the time and effort.  We need a new way of eating that took even less time to do and even less time to prepare food wise. 

We needed a way to lose weight that took less time than ever and that was more efficient and faster than regular eating in fact.

We needed a diet that helped us become more productive, not only saving us time but also saving us food preparatory time all while helping us increase focus on average when we were working.

Access the Velocity LEAN Diet today and you’ll see why. Click the add to cart button below.



Fortunately We’ve Invented a SOLUTION to End Lean Body Worries and Wonders – It’s Called… the Velocity LEAN Diet and It’s Really Really Good!!

I cannot give you help advice or tell you what to do.  You are not my personal training client.  I also cannot make you promises of future success due to various marketing restrictions.  But what I can tell you is that this diet worked extremely well for me.  And it better, because I created it for me!

In fact I knew it would work after 30+ years and health fitness body building and personal training.  But of course I wanted to make sure how effective it was by actually doing the diet myself.  And sure enough it worked exactly as I thought and better. In fact one could argue that it’s impossible not to lose weight with this diet.

The Velocity LEAN Diet is an amazing invention and that has a mechanism to help us maximize autophagy peaks without burning us out and without getting us into a metabolism slow down.

On top of that, The Velocity LEAN Diet provides the body a lot of nutrients which for the average individual would likely be more nutrients than they’ve ever experienced. So therefore for the average individual who eats the average convenience diet, the potential for health boost could be incredible.

So I wanted this ideal diet…

  • Keep the metabolism high. Metabolic slowdown is a big no-no in the dieting process because if your metabolism slows down then it becomes a massive struggle to lose additional weight and it also makes you vulnerable to swelling up like a blowfish after you finish the diet and go back to a more regular eating approach.

  • Maximize autophagy for cleaning out junk from the body, helping us lose weight while also helping unclogged pathways of excess body fluids and fat elimination.

  • Cleanse the body while helping all the inner workings of the body. 

  • Burn off visceral body fat which is the dangerous hard to remove body fat that grows between your organs.

  • Shrink that potbelly that my four-year-old nephew so lovingly pointed out as me being pregnant (a guy.)

  • Be a fun and exciting adventure. 

  • Increase my cognitive ability and help me focus better while becoming more productive instead of less as with most diets. 

  • Save me more time – whereas I have been used to diets in the past that simply take up a ton of time.   – The Velocity LEAN Diet helps me save more time than ever, it’s one of the most efficient diets on the planet in my opinion and in my personal experience with this diet.



How Does the Velocity LEAN Diet Work?

The Velocity LEAN Diet Works by:

  1. New ways of maximizing autophagy peak and intensity.  And we want to maximize autophagy.  Why? Because it’s an automatic process in the body where the body goes and cleanses out junk tissue and excess body fat for us for free!  So it’s kind of like a liposuction, for free!
  2. A method for helping prevent the slowing of the rate of metabolism. That’s a big deal when dieting.   Because if you allow your metabolism to slow then your rate of fat burning decreases and your body’s ability to gain weight back quickly increases as soon as you stop a diet. Plus if your metabolism slows down you’re basically working harder to get less results which is no fun.
  3. I designed this diet for helping prevent plateauing.  Plateauing in a diet is a big problem. plateauing means that you’ve stopped making progress.  So we had to find a way to nullify plateauing which we feel we did.  The Velocity LEAN Diet is a type of diet that we find can be run over and over (It’s just a 10 day cycle that you can repeat) repeating the cycle even all the way until the goal is accomplished. 
  4. Austerity, diet misery is another problem we wanted to eliminate. We find that the Velocity LEAN Diet helps prevent austerity that comes with various other diets.
  5. We want to keep this fun interesting and challenging so our subconscious mind is not turn on us!  And this is another reason why a lot of people fail on different diets and weight loss programs out there. I wanted to make the Velocity LEAN Diet physically friendly enough and  emotionally friendly enough so I would want to stick to the diet, psychologically speaking and emotionally speaking.
  6. On top of that a lot of people who don’t have experience can take the wrong mindset approach. And when they don’t have encouragement quickly from their dieting, like you can experience with the Velocity LEAN Diet,  their subconscious starts to think that they are hurting themselves for nothing and the subconscious starts trying to convince them to get out of the diet and quit because the stress is damaging and interrupting the body processes creating a negative health scenario in the body.
  7. Identifying and stopping the eating of certain hidden corrupt foods that have been making us fat and sick.
  8. Replacing the food we eat allowing us to still make fun and enjoyable recipes or even the same recipes we used in the past with different food types as the components.
  9. And with the new foods there is the tendency for the gut biome to reformat into a biome of good gut bacteria that has many positive health benefits and does not give us the emotionalized cravings that that tend to come with a bad gut bacteria.  And the good gut bacteria craves good healthy foods making our job easier to stay lean and toned. 
  10. The Velocity LEAN MATRIX is at the core of what makes Velocity LEAN Diet so POWERFUL.   The Velocity LEAN MATRIX is a powerful new concept in approaching eating that puts this whole diet together and makes it work giving it its high-efficiency,  potency ability to help prevent metabolic slowdown,  and ability to help maximize autophagy all in a 10-day cycle that keeps the body on our toes and keeps us interested in the process, in our opinion.


Why Does the Velocity LEAN Diet Work?

Can the Velocity LEAN Diet work for you that’s probably your question.   In our opinion, it’s impossible to NOT lose weight using the Velocity LEAN Diet system:

  1. Discover our secret foods list.   We have an allowable foods list and a no eat list.  This alone gives you a large advantage over most other diets.   Most diets are having people eat the wrong foods, although those foods are popularly called ‘healthy’, they are not; they are hidden health and lean body disasters.   Find out why!  This foods list, which you can use to replace in most all of our recipes, is of HUGE benefit. 
  2. Discover how to transform your favorite recipes into something that can now actually help you lose weight and become more healthy. So the concept here is that you help automate the weight loss process and the lean body keeping process into the future by creating new food habits of foods that help nourish the body better than ever without the side effects of popular foods that are said to be ‘healthy’.
  3. Learn about the bodies “self cleaning oven”  process and how to maximize it in a new amazing way. So now you can trigger this process in the body to go in and tear up fat cells and other cellular rubbish breaking them down for their parts.
  4. Learn a brilliant new way to help prevent going into a metabolism slow down thereby better avoiding dieting plateaus so you can keep rolling a diet all the way to the finish line.



Why the Velocity LEAN Diet?

Based on what I ideally wanted: 

  • An Easier Diet Where You Have to To Do Less Work In Terms Of Eating, Preparation and Cooking.
  • A Diet That Could Help Us Save Time While Losing Weight Faster, Like Actually Losing Weight Faster So We Could See the Weight Going Away Daily.
  • A Diet That Would Help Cleanse Us Out On The Insides, Tearing Apart Not Only Fat Cells But Also Junk Useless Tissue,  Scar Tissue,  Fungus,  Gout Crystals,  Other Strange  Tissue  That’s Associated With Being On A Man’s Chest (MNBBs…) ,  Visceral Fat Reduction,  Interstitial Cleansing Between The Cells For Better Lymphatic Flow – All of Which Can Be Related to Helping Us Lose Weight And Become More Lean And Toned.

This Diet Comprises Of 3 New Optimized Parts That Are More Advanced Than Most Any Diet Out There.

  1. We’ve taken a new way of eating that we correlated with our Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX.  This added much higher effectiveness to the diet while helping us hit autophagy sweet spots without tiring ourselves out.  
  2. A new approach to foods and food replacement that can help the body heal, regenerate, while helping us avoid the various side effects associated with a lot of popular foods.  These foods also from our experience have been able to change our food cravings so we no longer crave the foods that make us fat and sick but insetad we crave the foods that help regenerate and repair the body making it strong and healthy.
  3. We cycled intensity levels  that also helps prevent the body from getting used to the diet while helping the body prevent a metabolism slow down.  So we can technically keep on running the diet which is a 2-week cycle or rather a 10-day cycle over and over until we achieve our goal if needed.



We Found that The Velocity LEAN Diet Helped Increase Focus and Productivity

Increasing productivity and focus was a great benefit that we encountered while doing the Velocity LEAN Diet.  

Often the little things are overlooked in dieting which are important. And if one is doing a diet that inhibits productivity well then the rest of one’s life can suffer and one can even put themselves in a position for doing very poorly at their job thereby jeopardizing their job.  

Discover our tricks in the Velocity LEAN Diet for increase productivity and getting a lot of stuff done that probably would not have gotten done if not on the diet. 


Velocity LEAN Diet Helped Increased Our Energy Levels Some Times Dramatically

It sounds strange to have energy levels increased on a diet when you say? But once I got to a groove with the Velocity LEAN Diet my energy level started going up significantly.

At first I thought that I would probably just not do much exercise while on this diet since it is a strong diet. But after I got into the program I was craving exercise and eventually I was craving to do more explosive types of exercises like sprints!  It was pretty exciting!



 “Will the Velocity LEAN Diet Work for Me?” 

From our own experience of over three decades The Velocity LEAN Diet  arguably as one of the smartest diets on the planet. You would do well in our opinion to gain the knowledge and understanding that we have obtained over the years and put into this diet.

Additionally in our opinion, we believe it’s impossible to not lose weight if the diet is performed correctly.

Also built into the Velocity LEAN Diet System, because the Velocity LEAN Diet is essentially an eating system, is the ability to keep doing the two-week (10 day really) cycle over and over again until desired results are achieved. 

That’s the way it’s designed.  And it is designed to be able to keep the metabolism going so you don’t plateau out like most diets, yet you’ll be feeding your body powerful, and only powerful nutrient foods so your body can better seal and recuperate for health boosting at the same time. 

  • Help Achieve a Flatter Belly Through Visceral Fat Targeting
  • Blood sugar digestive system health support through foods makeover and rest cycles.
  • Food cravings makeover gut biome transformation targeting
  • 2 week repeatable diet cycle repeat as much as you need
  • What happens if you don’t do velocity lean diet? Answer – Nothing!  Stay the same.  Keep struggling with the same old lame diets that are ticking yoyo diet time boms.
  • The human body needs variation and we built in variation into this diet.
  • The human body needs to do a new program every now and then to help make weight loss faster –  use Velocity LEAN Diet  to help you make a new breakthrough.
  • Modern times have been rough on the average individuals physique causing very stubborn, tough to get rid of  body fat –  the fat that the Velocity LEAN Diet targets on purpose.
  • Visceral fat is considered to be a dangerous fat that a lot of people have accumulated through modern diets.
  • A lot of people if not most people have a lot of junk tissue, clogs and stagnation within their body that need to be cleansed out so they can reduce the risk of future health problems.


Why Buy Velocity LEAN Diet Right Now…

  • Get a new plan for making weight loss more efficient,  more smart  and more time saving.
  • Get a new plan that can give you an exact method true method in fact of optimizing the body’s automatic process for cleaning itself out and  including clean out body fat  in a way that most other diets cannot do.
  • Why the Velocity LEAN Diet   is better than most other diets on the planet for  autophagy  fat and junk tissue reduction.
  • Why the Velocity LEAN Diet   is better than just about every other diet on the planet because it helps you prevent dieting plateau and Metabolism slow down all while maximizing  the speed of fat burning.
  • Save thousands maybe tens of thousands of dollars and personal training fees if you work with us directly. We put a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and experience into this Velocity LEAN Diet .
  • Gain a skill for life with the Velocity LEAN Diet  that you can use over and over again to help you accomplish  you are lean body goals much more rapidly and efficiently.
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to obtain your ideal lean and toned body into the future by mastering the Velocity LEAN Diet.
  • Take action now so you don’t forget later  to learn one of the best diets on the planet.   Click add to cart to get started.



I’ve Had Belly Fat For A Long Time That Has Been Super Hard To Get Rid Of, Will The Velocity Lean Diet Help?

The Velocity LEAN Diet was designed to target the removal of belly fat, that hard to get rid of belly fat that troubles a lot of people these days.

As you can remember from the introduction to this sales presentation as my nephew pointed out how my belly made me look like I was pregnant as a man. I had some of that thick belly fat to vanquish. 

Now to be fair I did eat some food combinations that caused some serious gas – some dried fruit in combination with another food that wasn’t the best but I still had way too much thick belly fat (over an inch piled up on the belly area – gross, right) I let built up over the past few years prior due to a lifestyle change in more sedentary work in front of a computer.  So I needed a fast solution since I was called out on my belly size and was pretty embarrassed by it.

 I Need To Lose Weight In A Month.  Is The Velocity LEAN Diet A Good One To Do That?  

The Velocity LEAN Diet was designed to be THAT sort of diet super fast working diet for me personally.  So speed is built into the design.  Its a really smart, advanced diet through the synergistic layering of multiple concepts at once. 

Also keep in mind the Velocity LEAN Diet is not a lightweight diet; it is intense.  It’s a “no messing around” type of diet, an eating system in fact, for when one is serious about getting rid of that excess body fat.

It is doable.  But it is challenge.  Fortunately, we use a type of cycling to keep things challenging but doable.  All in all the diet ends up being a fun challenge.  Besides, the duration of the diet is only 10 days.   Repeat as you need but that 10 days can be quite effective. 



What’s The Difference Between The Velocity LEAN Diet & Other Diets?

Well there are lots of different diet approaches out there but as you can read on this sales presentation.

We targeted making THEE ideal rapid weight loss diet, the perfect diet all-in-one, the most time efficient diet effort wise and time spent eating wise, while covering many different angles of weight loss all at once: fat burning, health benefits, metabolism maintenance, visceral fat reduction, belly fat reduction, appetite changing and yoyo dieting prevention and so on…

The old school body building style diet would not work for us anymore due to time constraints in addition to health care reports talking about how that diet can be related to blown organs and colons. 

What’s The Difference Between The Velocity Lean Diet And The Keto Diet?

From our research and experience, the keto diet starves your body out of important nutrients while slowing down your metabolism.  We have found that this type of low, no carb diet can cause more vulnerability to physical injury when weight training. 

If you are a bodybuilder, one of the worst diets you can use is the keto diet for any extended period of time because it will shrink your muscles and not allow for proper repair. So therefore it can open you up to more injury as well, muscle or joint tears, or pulls, for example.

The keto diet decreases your energy and decreases your productivity in my opinion. It makes you smell bad.  You can end up draining your body of nutrients not letting you absorb nutrients as insulin triggers absorption of nutrients into the body and insulin is strongly restricted in the keto diet.

Overall the keto diet is a gimmick diet that often causes the yo-yo effect since the keto diet may help with the gut biome in some ways but not totally.  Plus once you metabolism is slowed down from the keto diet gaining fat back onto the body can happen quickly soon as you get off of it.  Been there.  Done that.  No fun! 

Slowed metabolisms are the worst.  The body doesn’t want to give up that stored body fat anymore.  Plus the body can become more aggressive in trying to store body fat as fast and as much as it can.  So any little diet messup, and wham! You set yourself back days or weeks worth of dieting effort.  And that’s no fun!!

The keto diet does has its benefits which are well-documented.  And it has those benefits for doing the diet for a short period time. But in our opinion, extended periods of time on the keto diet are counterproductive and do not give a comprehensive, whole health boost for a good-looking, healthy looking, lean and toned body.   

Additionally the keto diet is not sustainable.  So what should one do after the keto diet? 

Well try the more comprehensive solution which is the Velocity LEAN Diet. 

Learn from us and then you can make your own version and adapt it to you.  Create your own variations for different speeds of weight loss and/or a maintenance style diet.  You’ll likely find far more benefits with the Velocity LEAN Diet vs. the keto diet on the short, medium and long term.

Do I Have To Cook Less Or Cook More With The Velocity Lean Diet?

You have to cook FAR LESS with the Velocity LEAN Diet saving you tons of time.  That was an important factor for us in the creation of this diet. 

On top of that, as bonuses, we have included our efficiency cooking techniques for what we call “nutrient dosing”, out of a “food as medicine” mindset, where we are able to make many high powered meals, quickly, that are in line with the Velocity LEAN Diet.

These meals or side snacks can last for days all in one short cooking session.   Of course you don’t necessarily have to cook, personally, but if you wanted to you, it can be quite helpful making foods that are clean (to our new standard of clean), that you actually like, that you even get excited about and that you know exactly what’s in them.   And with these powerful nutrient dosing cooking methods we provide you valuable skills for life, not only for weight loss but health and productivity too. 

How Many Times A Day Do I Eat With The Velocity Lean Diet? 

We explain those details in the course.  The Velocity LEAN Diet follows a system of eating, when to eat and when not to eat. We also tell you what is supposed to be eaten when one eats.

Can I Use Weight Loss Supplements With The Velocity Lean Diet?

Yes you can use weight loss supplements the Velocity LEAN Diet.  We are big fans of supplement use and we have been using, testing them well over 3 decades. In fact is preferred because you can help accelerate the process of what we are trying to achieve with the Velocity LEAN Diet while making it more fun.

Additionally you can use stimulant supplements such as coffee,  green tea,  pre-workout drinks (sipping) –  just avoid the ones with artificial substances in them.

There are also many natural weight loss pills that have stimulants and other factors that help accelerate the weight loss process and that you may find to be very helpful. 


How Hard Is The Velocity Lean Diet To Do?

It’s not hard and it’s not easy.   So therefore it’s in a sweet spot we would say it is a challenge but it’s a fun challenge. The diet doesn’t leave you in challenging spot too long because you just simply cycle right back around through the Velocity LEAN Diet MATRIX. 

From my own experience in the diet, the process is a fun one. There is challenge to it but the reward of rapid fat loss helps the whole thing become an enjoyable, exciting experience.


Will I Be Able To Eat Desserts And Cupcakes  On The Velocity Lean Diet?  

Yes you can but…. you’re just going to have to use different food types in recipes from our approved to eat foods list.   We found many recipes over time that taste and feel even better by altering the old recipes with the new foods.

So we can take old recipes and simply swap out the ingredients and presto. You have a food now that can promote your health in a lean and toned body versus destroying your health while making you fat.  Yes even with cupcakes.

Eventually you’ll get used to the new foods and crave them because they make you feel so good and complete.  The old foods will likely start to become disgusting to you. 

This process helps set you up for better probability of lean body getting and keeping ease.  By making a habit out of the new good foods, while becoming turned off to the bad foods that make you fat and sick, well, the logic is pretty obvious:  stop the bad, only do the good, then good results are likely to follow…



What Are The Best Foods To Eat With The Velocity Lean Diet? (In The Course)

The best foods to eat with the Velocity LEAN Diet are all explained in the home study course which is comprised of a print version and a video version that elaborates on the print version.

We have a detailed  list of foods to eat and what to not eat.  The foods list of what to eat and what not to eat is one part of the Velocity LEAN Diet although an important one. 

We want to amplify our health.  We want to eat foods that don’t have side effects.  Additionally, we want foods that can help change what we crave so after we’re done with the diet we can better maintain our lean body achievements vs. going back to doing what got us overweight in the first place. 

Clarity is needed on what not to do or else sometimes out of convenience one will go eat the bad thing.  When we eat that bad thing, doing so just ends up making us have to work harder and extend the dieting process.  And wasting time & effort in the dieting process, or going backwards in the dieting process is no fun!

So therefore the Velocity LEAN Diet program, the educational course, makes it really easy to apply the diet with clarity.  Of course the do eat list and do not eat list is just a part of the diet  so I wanted to clarify that it’s not some ‘Eat This Not That’ overly  simplistic concept but has many cohesive, synergistic moving parts, all at the same time.   

How Much Weight Can I Lose With The Velocity Lean Diet?  

For disclaimer purposes, legal purposes, we are not allowed to tell you how much weight you can lose or provide you personal guarantees for future success. Okay?  

But in our opinion… the Velocity LEAN Diet is REALLY Good!  And we’ve infused this diet with many potent factors that make it very difficult to NOT lose weight. 

How much weight can you lose with the Velocity LEAN Diet will also depend on how many times do you repeat the 2-week cycle. It’s really a 10-day cycle but I like to think of it in two weeks.

Additionally you could do 10 days, take a four-day break and then start up to cycle again. And that would make it 2 weeks since it’s a 10 day cycle.   So if you have more weight to lose then the concept would be that you just simply repeat the cycle until the goal is obtained.

So we like to think of the Velocity LEAN Diet as a powerful body fat ridding tool that we can just apply whenever we want to torch off some extra blubber.    

I think that is a great way to think about this diet.  It’s a tool that can be used like a “fat blow torch” to melt off excess body fat whenever we need or want.  And knowing that you have a confirmed go to way for getting a lean body accomplished can increase one’s resting confidence considerably. It can provide you confidence in many areas of life, but especially, health and relationships. 

Also if you want to accelerate your weight loss then you want to do a fat burning exercise program. We have several of those over at velocityburn.com.   That said the Velocity LEAN Diet  is a strong diet so you’ll have to coordinate a more moderate fat burning cardio program at first.   Well, that’s logically speaking.  But…

On the other hand,  personally,  especially in the peak of the Velocity LEAN Matrix I would tend to have so much energy that I would often crave doing more high intensity fat-burning exercises such as ones that were sprinting related.  Those types of exercises are great because they create a fat burning afterglow which may helps accelerate the overall lean body getting process.



If The Velocity Lean Diet Now One Of The Best Diets On The Planet What Makes It Better Than The Rest?

The Velocity LEAN Diet can be better than other diets in our opinion in that:  

  1. I would say it can be faster at losing weight that most diets we’ve tested.
  2. We aim for retraining the gut biome with foods that are associated with having a “good gut biome” while stopping feeding the “bad gut biome”  You can use these foods  to replace popular foods out there in your recipes.   
  3. We have a foods list and a no eat list –  and that helps out a ton!    You’re getting a incredible spectrum of nutrients with the Velocity LEAN Diet probably more than many people have ever gotten on a daily average.   From our experience, your cravings could change so you may stop craving the old junky garbage that makes you fat and sick. For some people it may take  more than one 2-week cycle on the diet to really start only craving super nutritious foods that heal the body without the side effects.
  4. We have a cycling Intensity Engagement MATRIX that we took from one of our other products called Velocity BURN (which is a near-miracle of a  fat burning and health-boosting system over at velocityburn.net).   This Matrix allows us to maximize autophagy and fat burning while helping prevent making the diet austere and miserable (like keto) and for maximizing autophagy to greater levels than what people on average. But then we have a particular cycle to keep the body on its toes, for preventing the adjustment of metabolism rates and for preventing the body from triggering hibernation mode where fat gets easily stored and which is the point at which many diets fail.
  5. Additionally with the Intensity Engagement MATRIX we can handle the strong parts of the diet with a fun attitude because we know that right around corner we have relief and fun.
  6. And also with the Intensity Engagement MATRIX the diet becomes a fun challenge without being overly challenging.
  7. Besides, a diet can get boring pretty quickly. It’s good to simply change up and rotate between good diets. That can be far more effective then just going with one diet approach all the time. 

The Foods! We Use Certain “Healing Foods” for Helping Body Heal its Ability to Function and Vanquish Excess Body Weight.

A lot of diets are really liberal and nonspecific on the types of foods to eat.  That’s not efficient in our opinion.

Now when I say types of foods I’m not only talking about fruits and vegetables versus grains, fats, meats and so on. I’m talking about the quality of the actual food and the food type that is more harmonious with the physical body.

You see, over the past many decades, we’ve had many different food substances introduced sneakily into our society promoted sneakily and hard into our society therefore brainwashing us to force ourselves to get used to these new sinister foods.  And extra unfortunately with these foods, they can be addictive too.

And in our opinion, within the majority of these foods, there’s “some truth, but it’s mixed with a lie”. And it’s that lie that starts to sneakily corrupt, our bodies, so they don’t function very well thereby contributing to swollen bodies and super annoying body fat struggles.  But these foods are everywhere and they dominate the landscape. 

Also on top of that, those corrupted foods, not only are missing vital nutrients such as minerals and other key components that we need to eat as humans, but these foods, also have various poisons starting with chemical pesticides, fertilizers and so on on top of that added to them, and even worse. 

And one may say they don’t notice any problem with eating them but it’s in the eating of those foods, those food types that SLOWLY compound body dysfunctionally, stacking up layer by layer up to a point where the body can not handle it anymore.  And from that point we start getting fatter and or we may even trigger a health crises in ourselves.  And I speak from much personal experience and even testing on that matter. 

These bad foods which we put on our no eat or drink list, also tend to be a nutrient negative food, thereby draining particular nutrients out of your body that you need. So we have a perfect storm of bad foods that have been making us sick and fat. And so we identify those foods and we remove them. Doing this alone could do wonders for many!

Then after stopping the bad, we start uptaking the good thereby compounding body health and lean body getting power in two ways at the same time.   



Can Older Elderly People Do The Velocity Lean Diet?

Well we can’t give health advice but  a lot of people who are called “older” or “elderly”  are told by their healthcare professionals to lose weight and stay in good shape. And as one ages, certain parts and functions in the body don’t work like they used to, so logic says that one would need to simply compensate for what is lacking.       

Do understand that this is my  system.  I designed it for me for where I was health wise at the time also which did include having a lot of backed up junk tissue over the years, scar tissue, body fat,  gout crystals and all sorts of compounded layering of junk on top of that, some age spots, probably with layers of mucoid plaque as well due to all sorts of bad eating habits of the past.   And as one ages one tends to accumulate junk and goo in the body.  Things that brought block proper functioning and can certainly build up over time.  And if you can help target the clean up of the body on the insides helping maximize body functionality, body repair and regeneration then that could be a good thing.   

Build up of junk in the body over time can be sneaky.  And when you get to a point where the build up gets too much, usually a health crises ensues. 

And as you can see from the skyrocketing disease rates over time a lot of those problems are associated to a build up of junk in the body which then therefore traps toxins.  When toxins are trapped, dangerous things can happen in the body.  So therefore, we really like this Velocity LEAN Diet for using to not only help us with any needed weight loss and fat burning we want but also for using as a health boost by targeting helping the body clean out better mostly with the concept that we target of autophagy maximization. 

This product is sold as knowledge and understanding. You can gain the knowledge and understanding and then adapt it for your own needs and coordination with your personal healthcare professional in order to possibly better find the solution for you.  We are not allowed to recommend or advise you to do our diets, protocols or exercise systems.  Seek the approval and monitoring of a knowledgeable health care professional and a certified personal trainer.  

Learning this diet may even inspire you to start looking into  matters of physically cleansing out your body.  To do it right you’ll want to seek knowledgeable, professional guidance.  But we humans need to eat just about every day and feed these bodies so in the mean time, we can learn more about foods, their benefits and their side effects.  We can learn which foods cleanse and heal the body vs which foods cause damage and clog up the body. 

You can purchase the Velocity LEAN Diet for gaining valuable knowledge, understanding and insight on these matter. 

Yes, Cleansing Out the Body Physically, Internally is Very Important.

If a manufacturing machine is all clogged up with dirt and grime that machine is not going to work very well and it’s going to break down.  The same applies with your car if you don’t get the engine and other parts serviced, cleaned with fluids and air filter replaced. 

And in a similar way to your body, your car needs “nutrients” (i.e. oxygen, oil, various other fluids (brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, coolant fluid, anti-freeze fluid and so on…) and your car needs to get rid of waste (i.e. exhaust from combustion, filters cleaned, goo and grime, used up oil etc.)

If the physical body get clogged up with  its own version of dirt and grime then it’s not going to work very well. Your blood will not flow thereby you will have a restriction in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients for cells to regenerate and repair well. 

And when you have a difficult time draining the waste, when you have an interstitial sewage backup in the body, then you can have all sorts of really bad problems get triggered with those scary sounding disease name labels. 

So with that concept we definitely want to look into getting after the concept of cleaning out the body’s machine.  And yes autophagy when done well also tears down and tears apart, junk cells, junk tissue, cancer cells etc in the body and is associated with doing a “deep clean” within the body.

Simply work with your smart health care professionals to devise a plan that can work well for you to get this figured out for you personally while letting the Velocity LEAN Diet give you ideas you can bounce off your knowledgeable health care pro to make your own perfect internal cleaning plan.

Know this:  The “Inch by Inch it’s a Cinch” Principle also Works with Becoming Good at Doing a Diet.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people out there who think that they can do bits and parts of a diet or make mistakes all over the place with a diet while thinking the diet is still going to work well for them. 

And others who do a diet the first time may think they did the diet perfectly when, if they went back and looked at all the rules in the diet, they would realize they were making many mistakes all over the place. And it’s okay and normal to make mistakes all over the place with a die the first time. You just have to realize that getting good at a diet is a process unto mastery. 

Additionally there’s always a build-up phase into a really good diet.  So you don’t need to go too fast trying to execute a diet perfectly, especially a strong diet eating system like the Velocity LEAN Diet.   

So through testing, trying and practice one can get better and better at doing a diet over time instead of trying to master a diet all at once, which usually never happens.  It takes us usually 3 times through a diet to start to becoming really good at that diet. 

But once you master a great weight loss diet you have a powerful skill for life that you can use whenever you want to get the results you want!

And it’s by the doing, the experience with a good diet that teaches you secrets of your body and mind.  It’s in the doing that you notice the little things you did that were good, that worked well and the little things that were not good and that held you back. 

Are There Any Clinical Studies for The Velocity Lean Diet? 

The Velocity LEAN Diet has several components. Certain components have had clinical studies associated with them as you can see below.

We have only done personal testing with the Velocity LEAN Diet and have a good grasp at it’s general effectiveness due to multiple decades of testing different weight loss and fitness programs in combination with our other realms of knowledge and understanding in health. Understand that this Velocity LEAN Diet was designed for me personally the author of the diet in order to find better, faster and more time efficient ways of losing weight quickly while also adding the benefit of boosting health, considerably, in the process for my efforts.  So at this point, you can get this information well ahead of any formal testing process saving you years of waiting, all at a very miniscule price as  you can see below.

So high efficiency and leverage was the focus in the design of this diet.  And in fact you could even say that this was forced upon me because of the vast amount of projects I found myself needing to complete in front of a computer whereas my life became much more busy.  Yes life became super busy and I did not have time anymore for the multiple hour a day bodybuilding style “gym life” thing. So out of crisis comes opportunity as the saying goes and I used my extreme busyness to inspire new ways of thinking, creative ways of thinking to develop this new approach to dieting.

The Velocity LEAN Diet you can say has several different component parts that have been harmoniously woven together in a synergistic way that makes a whole complete system that I found to work extremely well.  So it’s many parts that “glue” together very well when the Velocity BURN workout’s Intensity Engagement MATRIX was added in a certain way to the Velocity LEAN Diet. 

And keep in mind that clinical studies over time can often be shaded to present a result that the company who ordered the clinical result wants.  You probably noticed quite a few shenanigans with “clinical studies” over time and they usually often have the same vague, nonsensical language attributed to them to promote this or that or to put down a good thing since that good thing was “competition” to what company who order the clinical study was selling. But of course there are other clinical studies out there that are quite helpful indeed providing us with powerful secrets and clues.  And going forward in time the planet has an opportunity to combine forces to do all sorts of highly beneficial clinical studies to start to rapidly advanced humanity and solve a lot of problems.

Here are some studies associated with some of the benefits related to principles of this diet although not limited to these studies. we have so many angles of benefit in the Velocity LEAN Diet that we could list hundreds but here are a few to get a picture.  Maybe we will add more overtime.

  1. Blood sugar digestion diabetes benefits A. B. C.
  2. Autophagy benefits clinical studies A. B.  C.  D .
  3. Weight Loss Benefits A. B.  CD.   
  4. Increased metabolism:  AB.  
  5. General  Health Benefits:  ABCDE. F. G.  



How Much Do You Charge For Personal Training?  Is It Better To Get Personal Training For This Diet?

$200 per hour.   $2000 for an individualized diet.  But I had a better idea to be able to communicate with more people which was to put this system in an educational course. You can learn the secrets in the exact steps through this course which is comprised of print and videos. 

Plus you can email us your questions about the diet in your members area with our support ticket system.   And if there is anything in the diet that is unclear you can let us know and we’ll look to add more clarity to make it easier to understand. 


The Velocity Lean Diet is Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back.

We’re so confident, that you’ll find this Velocity LEAN Fat Burning Diet to be so effective and that it’s impossible, in our opinion and experience, to not lose weight by strictly adhering to the diet.

In fact, we have a food list where we can only eat those foods on the foods list (and that’s only part of the diet, this eating system) in this Velocity LEAN Fat Burning Diet thereby making it near impossible to gain excess body fat eating those foods in our opinion, especially in combination with the Velocity LEAN MATRIX which provides the way and the timing of when and what we eat.

Also this diet keeps the body continually off guard so it doesn’t plateau. So that means we can keep up the fat burning in a more linear line in order to drive home the results we want. 

Plus the Velocity LEAN Diet could be cycled over and over until the goal of the lean and toned body is met.

The Velocity LEAN Fat Burning Diet is challenging at times but then it gives you breaks too. It is actually quite fun.

Plus there’s a 60-day money back guarantee whereas if you don’t find the program today extremely effective then you can return it. We just want to make sure that you actually understand the program first because it’s SO valuable to have a method for what we call “fat burning on command!”  

Once you click the add to cart button, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.

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