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Learn a NEW a NEW System of Eating for a NEW Highly Effective Approach to Rapid Fat Burning & Weight Loss...

Learn Our NEW PERFECT Diet Designed from Over 30 Years of Testing & Tweaking for Rapid Weight Loss, Belly Fat Reduction, Better Yo-Yo Dieting Prevention,  Deep Down Body Cleansing and while Ramping Up Nutrients to Incredible Levels... All in One PERFECT 10 Day Cycle!

"I tried this diet.  And over the first 2 weeks it was the FASTEST weight loss I've seen on my flabby body!" - Velocity LEAN Diet

Looking for Faster, Smarter, Healthier Weight Loss in a Diet?  Learn More About the Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System!

VelocityLEAN Diet Designed for:  Rapid Weight Loss, Deep Internal Cleansing, Gut Biome Overhaul, Craving Reprogramming, Focus, Energy, Muscle Retention, Speed to Lean, Fun, Systematic, Repeatable Until Desired Result is Achieved....

The Velocity LEAN Diet is a MASTERPIECE of Weight Loss Diet Development! In our opinion, It's Impossible to not loose weight with this diet, this eating system. Plus it has a tone of health benefits. 

Watch the Video Below for More Info...

There are 2 Versions You Can Access.  For $17  you can get the "cheat sheet" version of this diet which means that you can get the diet in summary form. Or if you want to full-blown course with videos explaining all the details the price is $39. Think of your purchase of this course as an investment in health education. Why?

Because we are going to teach you not only highly effective weight loss principles but we are also going to teach you highly effective deep health boosting principles as noted by various clinical studies and highly successful healthcare professionals.

The more you learn and understand about how your body works and how you can use strategies to get more of what you want from your body and get more of what you want from your body more quickly and easily then you add more personal power to your life.

As you gain greater understanding about the underlying principles mechanics of getting lean and toned and staying lean and toned you will gain powerful skills to improve the overall quality of your life which can then bring forth all sorts of benefits and success.  Because if you can achieve the body you want and a very healthy body then you're going to not only look good you're going to feel good and that can become highly attractive while boosting your confidence.

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What You Will Discover In This Video:


So I Wanted This Ideal Diet That…

  • Keeps the metabolism high. Metabolic slowdown is a big no-no in the dieting process because if your metabolism slows down then it becomes a massive struggle to lose additional weight and it also makes you vulnerable to swelling up like a blowfish after you finish the diet and go back to a more regular eating approach.

  • Maximizes autophagy for cleaning out junk from the body, helping us lose weight while also helping unclogged pathways of excess body fluids and fat elimination.

  • Cleanses the body while helping all the inner workings of the body. 

  • Burns off visceral body fat which is the dangerous hard to remove body fat that grows between your organs.

  • Shrinks that potbelly that my four-year-old nephew so lovingly pointed out as me being pregnant (a guy.)

  • Be a fun and exciting adventure instead of the old school monotonous mountain of misery.   For most people, if a diet seems too big and daunting, too complicated with too much work, well then, what's going to happen? Nothing! Most people won't do it or stay on it long.  So instead we made the Velocity LEAN Diet - it's only 10 days in duration!  

  • Increases my cognitive ability and helps me focus better while becoming more productive instead of less as with most diets. 

  • Saves me more time – whereas I have been used to diets in the past that simply take up a ton of time.   – The Velocity LEAN Diet helps me save more time than ever, it’s one of the most efficient diets, least time involved diets on the planet in my opinion and in my personal experience with this diet.

The Bottom Line on the Velocity LEAN Diet

Rapid Weight Loss System

The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System just may very well be some of the fastest weight loss and fat burning you've ever experienced. Learn this system! Knowledge is weight loss power!

Once you gain the skills that are in the The Velocity LEAN Diet you'll add a powerful ability to have better control over your body for becoming and staying lean and tone and healthier.

Super Healthy Deep Down Cleansing without Having to do a "Cleanse"

When we discover the power of a concept called autophagy which is where the body turns on a switch, a "fat burning switch" to go in and cleans out junk tissue from the body, including access body fat, but also useless tissue in addition to cancer cells, we decided to look to maximize autophagy.

By targeting the maximization of autophagy we look to also help the body regenerate and restore more into original shape. And part of doing so is cleaning out the junk issue in the way.

This also means that if we are able to better clean out the junk tissue and the junk fluids, the goo and the grime in the way of us getting excess body fat and having it removed from the body then we can become more lean and toned, agile and strong. And various clinical studies support these Concepts and actually it's from those clinical studies where we drive inspiration to aim for maximizing autophagy.

And in order to maximize autophagy what we need to do reach the peak states of autophagy in the body. But in order to do so we can't just directly go for it all the time or the body's metabolism slows down which makes you vulnerable for a yoyo rebound after a diet.

Plus going for the maximum autophagy all the time is draining so what we've created is a cycle, in fact the cycle from the core Velocity BURN system which we adapted to the Velocity LEAN diet. And it works amazingly well and solves the metabolism slow down in a genius way.

Targets Eliminating that Dangerous "Visceral Fat", the Fat Between the Organs

Visceral fat is what healthcare professionals call the dangerous type of fat. It's the fat around the organs. That sounds bad just even thinking about it! It's also what makes for that potbelly but you see on a lot of men but also women.

Your organs are critical to your health. You want them to have maximum respiration and blood flow in addition to outflow of cellular waste products. If your organs have fat stuffed around it you may hamper your organs abilities to operate.

So therefore it's important to make sure that this visceral fat is eliminated and cleansed from the body. We wanted this aspect in the Velocity LEAN diet so we took an approach that could help us reduce belly fat, the visceral belly fat more specifically in this eating system.

Helps Restore Energy & Agility

We have found that repeated use of the Velocity LEAN Diet  eating system has helped raise our overall energy levels while helping us feel like we can move around better and faster.   

This is likely due to the cleansing effect of the Velocity LEAN Diet has on helping remove junk that is blocking the way of proper movement mechanics. 

Also when one is able to remove dead weight such as excess body fat and other junk tissue and fluids, then of course one should be able to move around more  lightly and quickly.

Advanced Eating System

The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System uses new advanced concepts that we have derived from our over 30 years in health and fitness personal training and bodybuilding. And we've been making Health and Fitness Systems all along the way.

With the The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System we've Incorporated several synergistic elements that when all combined together helps make the Velocity LEAN diet one of the most powerful and effective heating systems on the planet.

Attacks Tough To Remove Deep Down Body Fat

In order to get lean and toned and super healthy we have to go to work out the deep down body fat. Now the deep down body fat can be called visceral fat which is the fat between your organs which is  also called dangerous fat.  

Additionally, the deep down body fat can just also be referred to as long term fat accumulation storage and troubled areas that have just been hard to get off the body.   These are the zones that tend to accumulate fat first and most quickly Most people have those tough spots  and we need a diet, an  heating system to help us target those fat stores and get rid of them. 

So we created the Velocity LEAN Diet.  And by learning the Velocity LEAN Diet you can gain a powerful  health and lean body getting skill for life that you can use on command whenever you want.

Helps Correct Your Cravings So You'll Start to Stop Craving those Foods that Made You Fat

Along with the development of the Velocity LEAN Diet we discovered that our cravings for certain foods changed. And this was a good thing in that we started craving the healthy foods, the whole foods, the organic foods that made us healthier and lean more easily.

On top of that our cravings for those junkie foods, those entertainment foods, those convenience foods started to diminish. And that seemed like a miracle! Because it was those foods that made us fat the fastest.

And when you can change your cravings to foods that make you more healthy and lean, while diminishing your cravings for foods that make you fat, well then... that makes getting a lean and toned body a lot easier doesn't it!

Teaches You About Secrets of Healing Foods and Secrets of What Are Bad Foods Although Touted as Good Foods

In modern times at least to the point of this typing most people have been sold a bill of goods on what is actually healthy and what is not.   There are various reasons for this but regardless there is good news and now you can learn foods that heal versus foods that disrupt the body  ending up causing health problems and making you fat and more swollen.

 It's the little things you do overtime that produce the results. A lot of people do a lot of little things that end up making them fat and sick. So if you can just change the little things that you hardly even notice and make those changes  into habits that heal and make you lean and toned,  well that can be a very positive thing while making life a lot easier!

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Why Does the Velocity LEAN Diet Work?

Can the Velocity LEAN Diet work for you that’s probably your question.  In our opinion, it’s impossible to NOT lose weight using the Velocity LEAN Diet system:

  1. Discover our secret foods list.   We have an allowable foods list and a no eat list.  This alone gives you a large advantage over most other diets.   Most diets are having people eat the wrong foods, although those foods are popularly called ‘healthy’, they are not; they are hidden health and lean body disasters.   Find out why!  This foods list, which you can use to replace in most all of our recipes, is of HUGE benefit. 
  2. Discover how to transform your favorite recipes into something that can now actually help you lose weight and become more healthy. So the concept here is that you help automate the weight loss process and the lean body keeping process into the future by creating new food habits of foods that help nourish the body better than ever without the side effects of popular foods that are said to be ‘healthy’.
  3. Learn about the bodies “self cleaning oven”  process and how to maximize it in a new amazing way. So now you can trigger this process in the body to go in and tear up fat cells and other cellular rubbish breaking them down for their parts.
  4. Learn a brilliant new way to help prevent going into a metabolism slow down thereby better avoiding dieting plateaus so you can keep rolling a diet all the way to the finish line.
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Why the Velocity LEAN Diet?

Well how about I put it in terms of why I have made the Velocity LEAN Diet a "go to" diet for me so then therefore you can assess how the diet, the eating system, could benefit you.  I'll also add bullet points reasons below.

What is a "Go To" Diet. This means that it's reliable diet for that gets the job done. What's the job? It's getting me to look how I want to look! it's for losing excess body fat, losing excess body weight that I don't want while having many health benefits at the same time. And if a diet can give me the weight loss I want and also saves me a lot of time, increases my productivity and only lasts 10 days then that is a good deal! 

The Velocity LEAN Diet is also for cleaning out junk within:  internal cleansing, interstitial cleansing between the cells, giving my organs a break from having to work all the time, cleansing out of visceral fat around the organs, helping cleanse out junk tissue all over the place and last but not least, helping cleanse out fat from all over the body. 

So there's just such a great spectrum of benefits that can be had with the Velocity LEAN Diet all at once that it makes life a lot easier and better.  No longer is weight loss, or fat burning onto a lean body a big deal.  I don't worry anymore if I grow a little puffy, if I've let this slide and got a little chubbier.  Why?  Because I can just do a round or as many as needed and the Velocity LEAN Diet takes care of business. 

You know, at first I thought that this diet was pretty intense and that I probably would not be able to do much exercise while on this diet. But the opposite ended up being true! I want to exercise even more! And I wanted to even do more intense exercise.  Not that I'm saying you need to excercise on this diet but the potential for increasing energy levels is amazing.  I made a real-time video in the course explaining the incredible energy levels I got at the hardest part of this cycle. That was pretty impressive to me!​

Based on what I ideally wanted: 

  • An easier diet where you have to to do less work in terms of eating, preparation and cooking.
  • A diet that could help us save time while losing weight faster, like actually losing weight faster so we could see the weight going away daily.
  • A diet that could make weight loss faster and easier. 
  • A diet that would help cleanse us out on the insides, tearing apart not only fat cells but also junk useless tissue,  scar tissue,  fungus,  gout crystals,  other strange  tissue,  visceral fat reduction,  interstitial cleansing between the cells for better lymphatic flow – all of which can be related to helping us lose weight and become more lean and toned.

This Velocity LEAN Diet is Comprised Of 3 New Optimized Parts That Are More Advanced Than Most Any Diet Out There.

  1. We’ve taken a new way of eating that we correlated with our Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX.  This added much higher effectiveness to the diet while helping us hit autophagy sweet spots without tiring ourselves out.  
  2. A new approach to foods and food replacement that can help the body heal, regenerate, while helping us avoid the various side effects associated with a lot of popular foods.  These foods also from our experience have been able to change our food cravings so we no longer crave the foods that make us fat and sick but instead we crave the foods that help regenerate and repair the body making it strong and healthy.
  3. We cycled intensity levels  that also helps prevent the body from getting used to the diet while helping the body prevent a metabolism slow down.  So we can technically keep on running the diet which is a 2-week cycle or rather a 10-day cycle over and over until we achieve our goal if needed.

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“Will the Velocity LEAN Diet Work for Me?” 

From our own experience of over three decades The Velocity LEAN Diet  arguably as one of the smartest diets on the planet. Since we are not allowed to tell you what would work for you personally we can say something like:  We believe that you would do well in our opinion to gain the knowledge and understanding that we have obtained over the years and put into this diet.

Additionally, in our opinion, we believe it’s impossible to not lose weight if the diet is performed correctly.

Also built into the Velocity LEAN Diet System, because the Velocity LEAN Diet is essentially an eating system, is the ability to keep doing the two-week (10 day really) cycle over and over again until desired results are achieved. 

That’s the way it’s designed.  And it is designed to be able to keep the metabolism going so you don’t plateau out like most diets, yet you’ll be feeding your body powerful, and only powerful nutrient foods so your body can better seal and recuperate for health boosting at the same time. 

  • Help Achieve a Flatter Belly Through Visceral Fat Targeting
  • Blood sugar digestive system health support through foods makeover and rest cycles.
  • Food cravings makeover gut biome transformation targeting
  • 2 week repeatable diet cycle repeat as much as you need
  • What happens if you don’t do velocity lean diet? Answer – Nothing!  Stay the same.  Keep struggling with the same old lame diets that are ticking yoyo diet time boms.
  • The human body needs variation and we built in variation into this diet.
  • The human body needs to do a new program every now and then to help make weight loss faster –  use Velocity LEAN Diet  to help you make a new breakthrough.
  • Modern times have been rough on the average individuals physique causing very stubborn, tough to get rid of  body fat –  the fat that the Velocity LEAN Diet targets on purpose.
  • Visceral fat is considered to be a dangerous fat that a lot of people have accumulated through modern diets.
  • A lot of people if not most people have a lot of junk tissue, clogs and stagnation within their body that need to be cleansed out so they can reduce the risk of future health problems.

Why Buy Velocity LEAN Diet Right Now…

  • Get a new plan for making weight loss more efficient,  more smart  and more time saving.
  • Get a new plan that can give you an exact method true method in fact of optimizing the body’s automatic process for cleaning itself out and  including clean out body fat  in a way that most other diets cannot do.
  • Why the Velocity LEAN Diet is better than most other diets on the planet for autophagy fat and junk tissue reduction.​

  • Why also is the Velocity LEAN Diet is better than just about every other diet on the planet?   Because it helps you prevent dieting plateau and metabolism slow down all while maximizing the speed of fat burning.​

  • Save thousands maybe tens of thousands of dollars and personal training fees if you work with us directly. We put a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and experience into this Velocity LEAN Diet.
  • Gain a skill for life with the Velocity LEAN Diet  that you can use over and over again to help you accomplish  you are lean body goals much more rapidly and efficiently.
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to obtain your ideal lean and toned body into the future by mastering the Velocity LEAN Diet.
  • Take action now so you don’t forget later  to learn one of the best diets on the planet.   Click add to cart to get started.

The Velocity LEAN Diet - Cheat Sheet - Download the Cheat Sheet Now and Get the Core info In Outline Form


The Velocity LEAN Diet - PRO - Get Access to the Full Explanation Full Video Course with Lots of Detail


The Velocity Lean Diet is Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back.

We’re so confident, that you’ll find this Velocity LEAN Fat Burning Diet to be so effective and that it’s impossible, in our opinion and experience, to not lose weight by strictly adhering to the diet.

Plus there’s a 60-day money back guarantee whereas if you don’t find the program today extremely effective then you can return it. We just want to make sure that you actually understand the program first because it’s SO valuable to have a method for what we call “fat burning on command!”  

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60-day, money-back guarantee

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The Velocity LEAN Diet - Cheat Sheet - Download the Cheat Sheet Now and Get the Core info In Outline Form


The Velocity LEAN Diet - PRO - Get Access to the Full Explanation Full Video Course with Lots of Detail