Faster and Easier Weight Loss? Accelerating Autophagy by Helping the Autophagy Process? Accelerating the Cleansing Out of Fat, Junk Tissue and Toxins from the Body?

Those Are Some of Our Targets!  From the backrooms of the Velocity LEAN Laboratory … Comes a New Method, Now a Double Protocol In fact Designed to Help Make Weight Loss Much More Easy!

Welcome to the Velocity LEAN Protocol Designed for Weight Loss Acceleration, Fat Storage Prevention & Fat Burning Efficiency.​

Velocity LEAN – Lean Body Accelerator Protocol Designed for Powerful Lean Body Getting Acceleration.

The Velocity LEAN – Lean Body Accelerator Protocol was developed to work in conjunction with the strength and power of the Velocity LEAN Diet for Even More Rapid Fat Loss in a harmonious way.

Harmonious means that this protocol was designed to work with the intensity of what’s going on in the Velocity LEAN Diet to help to accelerate the diet even faster while not making it more extreme or hard.

Watch the Video for Explanation:


We Want FASTER, EASIER, MORE FUN & MORE CONFIDENCE in the Weight Loss Process! 

So… We Made This REALLY POWERFUL PROTOCOL that Targets the What We Deem to be the Roots of Excess Body Fat Struggles… 

What if we could start help block fat storage? 

What if we could start help block fat absorption in the first place? 

What if we could accelerate the releasing of stored (ugly, annoying, tough to remove) body fat? 

What if we could help “clean out the tubes” to help “open the gates” and let the fat and excess fluid and junk tissue flow out of the body? 

What if we could add powerful health supporting nutrients to ourselves to take the body to powerful natural levels so we could operate in a more super state of being?  

Well if we could do all those things then we have… Weight Loss EFFICIENCY! 

Faster Faster FASTER! 

Faster, Easier and More Fun Weight Loss is What We Want!

This Velocity LEAN Protocol May Just Make the Difference Between You Actually Finishing A Weight Loss Diet Or Exercise Program All the Way to the Finish Line, to Obtain The Body You Want

We have a new fat burning protocol to help accelerate weight loss from multiple angles all at the same time.  The Velocity LEAN Protocol has new  strategies that are all natural in case you are wondering or worried.  We are very much into discovering the secrets and treasures that are hidden in nature while systematically maximizing them for increasing one’s personal power. 

And in the process we stumbled upon a way of helping the body much more quickly eliminate fat, puffiness and junk tissue through our studies in various advanced healing techniques. 

So what are goal is for this protocol is to help accelerate and power up the Velocity LEAN Diet’s ability to “clean out the trash” within the body which includes excess body fat, visceral fat, junk tissue, non productive cells, bad bugs, excess fluids… all bad stuff while looking to inspiring the body to regenerate in beautiful & powerful form. 

And by targeting lean body getting, “weight loss” from many angles, like having many attack points in war, we look to help make weight loss, that is, lean body getting MUCH more efficient, fast and easy.   Easy is better, right?   We think so! 

We Developed the Velocity LEAN Protocol to Assist with:

  • Helping block fat absorption.
  • Helping release stuck stored body fat while also helping release it faster.
  • Help crush cravings for foods and drinks that make us fat while also stimulating cravings for better foods that help make us lean, toned and healthy.
  • Provide powerful nutrients to the body that have many health benefits.
  • Helping with opening up the fat eliminating channels. 
  • Increasing the efficiency of inter-cellular waste elimination.
  • And put the wind at our backs with our weight loss diets and or fat burning cardio programs.

But hey if you want to try and lose weight the old-school hard way that takes a long time then that’s fine.  That could be fun, maybe.

But we over here needed to become far more efficient after getting extra busy in new projects.  We needed an edge so… we crated one with the Velocity LEAN PROTOCOL!

And a lot of people would like to learn about how to make weight loss faster and easier so it’s not such a big deal. They don’t have the time or the energy to do the old-school way like the fitness pros have.  So they need something more efficient.

And if you’re one of these people who like efficiency, like us, then get this protocol and learn it, discover how it works.   Discover the secrets behind the components of this protocol plus various  clinical studies related to those components.    

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Looking to Get UnStuck?

Some people have been stuck trying to lose weight and become lean and toned.  They need some help.  They need a breakthrough. Maybe you do too.

They need something that can help them get over the hump.  They need some boost, some breakthrough, some new discovery that can help get them to finally achieve success in getting the lean and toned body they want.  

So the objective here with the Velocity LEAN Protocol is to put many more smart variables on our side to make the fat burning weight loss process easier and faster with discoveries we’ve made through our experience, research, testing and the research of others.

And when you can make weight loss easier and faster in a healthy way, then that could increase the chances of success in actually obtaining the lean and toned body that you want vs. losing focus and giving up…

Benefits of the Velocity LEAN Protocol:

  1. Faster Fat Burning and Weight Loss Boosting Factors.Weight Loss Protocol
  2. Autophagy Maximization Targeting Methods for Greater Ease, Efficiency and Speed for Helping Eliminate Junk Tissue and Cells in the Body for Weight Loss.
  3. Looking to support the acceleration of the cleaning out of the various channels elimination in the body.  This is different than autophagy. It’s to help accelerate body fat removal and puffiness removal throughout the body.  Swollen backed up fluids in the body can contribute to body size and the appearance of excess body fat. 
  4. Methods for Boosting Energy.
  5. Methods for More Focus.
  6. Methods for Mood Boosting.
  7. Support Factors for Better Gut Biome Balance.
  8. Support for helping the body clean out bad bugs,  fungus,  parasites,  toxins,  bad bacteria,  viruses…
  9. Looking to make it easier to “get over the hump”  in your weight loss efforts and start “riding downhill”  towards finally achieving your weight loss goals.
  10. Make the dieting process more fun.

That said this is a protocol that can be done on its own without a diet too, if you are wondering. We believe it can be quite powerful. It has many associated health benefits many of which could even turn into a great health habit especially for helping us stay lean during especially toxic modern times.

In the Velocity LEAN Protocol we will go into presenting to you our protocol system, which now has a double stacked method (we just added another “quadruple  accelerator”  as a bonus protocol since it was such an exciting new discovery).  This is in addition to the supplements protocol for helping open up the channels of body fat elimination.

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Question:  What’s a Faster Way to Get Water Out of a Bathtub Full of Water?

Open Up the Stopped Up Drain?  Or Lett the Water Evaporate Out By Unplugging The Drain?

Let’s Open Our Body’s Fat Flushing Drain!

Let’s open the “fat drain” in the body!

In modern times, it has been especially hard to lose weight and get rid of for excess fat and puffiness.  I want it to just evaporate! How about you?

I want my weight loss efforts to actually work and bring a return.  I don’t want to put in a lot of time and effort and then not get results!  How about you?

In the older days it was easier to lose weight and keep it off.  But not today. Not these days.  Proof?  Look around!  Yikes!

You can argue that most people are chronically “clogged up”.  I’m not talking constipation such as “#2” but clogged up between the cells, “interstitially”. 

They could be slightly clogged, to moderately clogged (most) to severely clogged (many) on a habitual basis.  Having clogging between our cells makes weight loss harder than ever.  Plus, it’s very dangerous to have such clogging up within the body.   

We need to let the body drain this interstitial sewage.  Once we do that, we have found that losing weight, getting rid of excess body fat becomes much easier and can happen much more quickly.

Clogging goes on between your cells because the filtering process is backed up or jammed.   This is due in large part to chronic consumption of modern (crappy) foods and toxins everywhere. 

I don’t know if that description makes sense but it gives a picture of what we’re trying to do with the Velocity LEAN Diet and the Velocity LEAN Protocol – Lean Body Accelerator Program. 

When we made this discovery, losing weight and burning off fat became so much easier.

Pull the Handle!  

Let’s FLUSH THAT FAT out of the body!

This process of losing weight can be accelerated by increasing efficiency factors.

When you pull the handle on a toilet, you accelerate the flushing out of the sewage in the potty.   Not only do you open up the drain, you accelerate the cleansing out of the waste in the toilet through a vigorous water flow through the bowl of the toilet.

Now although comparing our bodies to a toilet is not the prettiest picture.  The concept of flushing out the junk, the interstitial cellular sewage is a new approach we’ve discovered.   One of the approaches we have for helping do this is the Velocity LEAN Protocol in combination with the Velocity LEAN diet.  

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A Little Story Behind Velocity LEAN PROTOCOL:

The past several years we’ve become very busy doing a lot of projects and things have just gotten busy in general.

So we started becoming very creative.  And we started developing different solutions for drastically reducing the time involved in becoming or staying lean and toned.

We had to make new, creative ways to save a ton of time from having to go work out at the gym so many hours a day.  Because so much time can be wasted with the traditional bodybuilding style diet and workout program in so much in that it can sneakily ruin your life, if you’re not a professional body builder or full time fitness professional. 

New Problems Required New Approaches

With the explosion of skyrocketing health crises over time, we have discovered that there is a need for a fundamental correction in the way most people do things these days, particularly in more “modernized societies”.

We have been tricked, in many ways, in regards to what’s good and what’s bad. And that statement can be verified by simply looking at the disease rates charts and simply looking at the obesity rates charts over the decades, but also by looking around in life.   Obesity rates have skyrocketed to a point that sometimes I wonder I’ve I’m living on a different planet.

And this excess body fat so many people are struggling with is not even natural looking. A lot of people don’t even look like they’re human anymore.

They have become so swollen with strange looking fat which is not natural looking body fat, as we are used to decades ago. 

And this strange type of swollen body fat is directly linked into modern disease problems.  So we’ve developed solutions aimed at helping reverse what we and other health care pros associate to be root causes.

What’s in the Velocity LEAN Protocol?

  • The Velocity LEAN Protocol is protocol is an information product teaching you about the different particular foods and supplements natural supplements that we use systematically for assisting weight loss from multiple strategic angles.  

  • This is a dual protocol:  We have a specific, advanced, “foods as medicine based protocol”.  And we have a supplements protocol with two phases:  A. Maintenance Phase B. Turbo Burn Phase.

  • The protocol is informational, educational and instructional.  It teaches about how we use this protocol for ourselves for helping more rapidly advance weight loss speed using certain foods in a systematic way in combination with well studied natural supplements. 

  • There is much more power in natural substances that has not been made known or even in fact,  hidden.  We look to take advantage of discoveries that have been made known and found by various researchers through out the world. 

  • The protocol is based on our research, our testing,  our own personal use,  our own experience from overtime in combination with various other formal clinical testings from around the world.

  • Powerful new secret keys are unveiled, things we learned from master healers in combination with our own practical findings and research, to opening up the fat liberation channels in the body in order to liberate the release of stored body fat.  

  • In fact if you have fat to burn don’t do it without knowing this protocol first because this protocol makes getting rid of body fat so much easier and enjoyable. Why work so hard?  Get the Velocity LEAN Protocol!

  • For some people the concepts, supplements and foods used in this protocol could likely be that final piece to the puzzle to getting that weight loss actually done and accomplished in a much more quick, enjoyable way.  The Velocity LEAN Protocol may just get you over that hump!

  • Be able to smile more.  Have more fun while dieting.  You’ll be able to relax more having the “wind at your back” by using our fat burning accelerator protocols.

  • So…  if maybe you’re not interested in working out 2 to 3 hours a day and suffering through some miserable bodybuilding style pre-competition diet, as is traditional for most who try to get lean, toned and even ripped, THEN get this Velocity LEAN Protocol and learn it!

  • If you want something a lot more efficient where you don’t even have to exercise to bring results in a visible way, THEN get this Velocity LEAN Protocol and learn it!

Looking to Get It Done?

So if you’re looking for a better, faster way for accelerating the SPEED of your weight loss then pick up a copy of this Velocity LEAN Protocol.

Are you’re sick and tired of the excess body fat and want to finally make the breakthrough to get that lean body NOW? If so  then get this Velocity LEAN Protocol! 

This information is tremendously valuable.  And what we’ve discovered will help you finally make sense of why it’ s been so easy to get fat and swollen and why it’s been so hard to get rid of this swolleness, this excess body fat, this excess weight.  Take action to take back control of your body!  Learn how to burn of that excess body weight in modern times in a more efficient way!

So if you like speed then get the Velocity LEAN Protocol. If you don’t want to lose weight slowly, but you want to lose weight more quickly while not being more harsh or dramatic but rather by being more efficient, then get the Velocity LEAN Protocol and discover many new weight loss efficiency increasing factors.

So go ahead and click the order button below.

You have a 60 day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose.  But you will gain incredible new information and insight on powerful nutritional aids,  nutritional supplements, and even some foods used systematically “as medicine”  that you want to know so you can become more of a fat burning, weight loss expert. 

Price: $997 – what I would charge a personal trainee client for this powerful, unique protocol. 

But since I’ve put it into digital educational format you can pick up a copy for $49.97.   You’ll get a huge return learning concepts that could not only save your lean & toned body, but also your life.

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